Friday, February 20, 2015

Merit ... Thoughts series .. Musing ...

It's hard to find a love,
That will love you the same,
But with you I have found a love, 
That's more then I deserve ....

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Beyond Valentine day... Musing

Our love is beyond the comprehension of Valentine day, 
or any other day the world deem special,
Because our love is just that,

Only a special love could endure the things life has put us through,
From heartship, pain, Turmoil, 
Yet each time we have overcome all of life obstacles,
Because of the special bond we have,
A bond of true love

We disagree,
We raise our voices,
We shed tears,
We hug

Yet the important part of our life stay the same, 
And that's our love for one another,
A love we lean on when things go wrong,
The same love we rejoice in, when life smooth sailing is bestowed upon us,
How can I ask you to be my Valentine,
When your heart and soul is already mine,
Leaving you with nothing else to give,
And that's alright with me, 
Because that means I already have the best of you,
And having the best of you, 
Is all this one man can ask for

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