Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude... Prose poem ... (Thoughts series.( 2011) ..

 Happy Thanks giving Everyone...

Thoughts series: A moment of my thoughts...

My body concurs into the comfort of the large black computer chair,
My eyes gaze at a picture of a person wanting just a simple life on the computer screen, 
My lungs inhale then squeeze the comfort of a large quantity of oxygen into my blood stream,
A siege of life content emerges from my throat, as my eyes turn and look out the small picture window

They watch a slow stream of dark blue smoke ease out the large black charcoal grill,
As my eyes fixate on the smoke, they watch in silent as my mind drifts upward with the smoke, 
After several minutes, my mind clears, then comes comes back to the reality of now,
My mind thinks the smoke volume is perfect, and the prepared turkey inside is cooking nicely, so my body will relax in my chosen throne a little bit longer, before going outside in the crisp air too check on what I hope is a the perfectly cooked turkey

As my body leans back again and take another deep breath, my ears are bath in soft soulful music that's softly spraying out the small but powerful computer speakers,
The strong base sound emerging from the bass speaker on the floor softly rocks my body to a calmer plane,
For the rest of the day,  my mind will not be distracted of my daily chores, but on the day we give thanks

My mind ponders on why this day of thanks is different for each person, because each person has a different past, and a different future to be thankful for,
Some do not look back because their past is too painful for them to give thanks for, just as others can't see anything worth giving thanks for in their future,
But I have been lucky, I have thanks in my past and thanks for my future

The sound of laughter rings into my ears, it's laughter of my past, my present, and reasons for thanks in my future,
The woman who is laughing the loudest is the person who has shared the love of my past, and shall share that same love in our future

Now the laugh of the fourth generation trash into my ears, They are sharing an enjoyed moment of laughter with the first generation,
Their laughter brings out the humble of a man who has never wanted much, but has plenty to be thankful for,
A past that had hope, now a future that offers more hope

My mind drifts then become focus, it ponders about the first generation, and how only a view still remains, 
How their laughter use to crowd the room, how their hopes and dreams rested in their next generation, just as mines rest now, 
They are truly missed, and forever held in my heart,
It's hard to let go and time doesn't seem to seem to heal the wound of missing them, 
But I give thanks to the lord for letting them be in my life, and for letting them be forever in his

A thump then a cry emerges from a small body, I wonder why the lord made their cry so loud, I always have believe the creator had a cruel sense of humor, 
Yesterday I would be annoyed of her cry, but today her cry brings a smile to my face

My mind wonders how does a  small child walk into a object that is five times their size, and has been standing there before they were ever even born,
A chuckle overtakes my pondering, as my mind recalls how her mother did the same exact thing when she was a child,
Oh yes, the creator has a wicked sense of humor,
My head bows in private thoughts to our creator, thanks that will be shared with all in the coming minutes...

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Missing ............ Picture poem ............

This picture was used as a caption on Hermione's Heart blog
This was my caption of the image

Summer breeze,
Autumn chill:
Scattered sun hangs low in the sky,
Like the shattered heart in my chest,
As love has forsaken me once again...

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Love sake... Rhyming poem ........

Everyday it seems like I'm in a dream,
When my eyes see that smile, that heavenly beams,
And when I hold you all so near to me,
All the love you have inside you for me, in your eyes I do see

Time moves so fast,
Making it hard for true love to last,
But this love between us, seems to never run out of gas

When twelve o'clock at night strikes
And my arms surround you all so polite,
You lay quietly in my arms,
With all the love, that comes with your warm womanly charm

And when you are no longer awake,
I whisper a prayer, for our love sake,
Because in my heart, my love for you ache
An ache, that never take a break

Thats why this love has been so true,
Not only for me, but also for you .....

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fallen .......... Repetitive poem ....

There's a confession inside me, you should know about,
One that has lingered, while hidden deep inside me,
I have fallen for you...

I fell for you the first time my eyes gazed upon your beauty,
I fell the first time, your lips softly embraced mine,
I fell the first time, my eyes engaged with yours, and I proclaim my profound love for you,
I fell the firs time, you folded yourself into my arms, and fell deep asleep in their comfort,
I fell once again, on the day I said "I do" in front of the all mighty,
And I have been falling for you every minute, every second, of the day since then

Everyday my love for you grows,
My need to touch you, hold you, grows without boundaries,
My wants for you never stops,
I know I could never express in words how much I really love you,
But I do know my love for you flows uninterrupted inside my heart, morning, noon and night,
That's why I know, I have fallen complete for you,
And it hurts so good, I never want to get up....

Repetitive Poem: 
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

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