Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love and frustration ..... Repetitive poem ....

Things have not been like before for awhile,
But it hasn't been anyone person fault,
Life has handed us a deck of cards,
And we have to play with it the best we can

I'm tired,
But because I'm tired doesn't mean I have given up on you,
Because I still believe in you and I see everyday my prayers are being answered

I'm not going anywhere,
I'm not with you because I have to be,
I'm with you because I want to be,
And I love you,
And I shall always love you,
No matter which deck of cards life hands us to play with 

Things are very slow about getting better,
But they had said it would take time, so slow down and let it happen,
You can't be super woman when your cape is dirty and in the wash,
It has to dry before you can fly,
So walk and enjoy the slow down,
You can't watch over your flock, when you can't watch over yourself

I still care

My temper gets short, 
But after all, you are stubborn,
Because you want to fly today, but your flight isn't schedule for take off until sometime tomorrows

I too get frustrated

I'm human just like you

It's Ok to get mad,
As long as we get mad together,
And we make up together,
Because that's what's life and love is all about,
Together... (PJ)

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Body Parts ...... Rhyming poem ....... (Revisited)

When you gaze into my eyes, it's not me that you see 
It's the reflection of all the goodness in you that's now in me 
Your soul has entered into my heart 
Wrapped so deep, no man nor woman, could ever pull us apart 

When the words "I love you” whispers in your ear 
It's our eternal love, which keeps you near 
Even when our bodies are separated and far apart 
A deeper affection, and appreciation, of one and other starts 

When you kiss my lips tenderly and ultra soft 
My heart opens wider then an expensive spacious loft 
My mind is forever starving for your gentle touch 
Just because I love all of you, just that much 

So how can one forget, about a love that never stops 
Especially when every time my eyes lay upon you, my heart skips a beat and feels like it's going to pop 
Dare... Me… kiss you... I say not 
Because at this loving moment, once I start, I dare you to stop 

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Slow dance.... Prose poem ... (Thought Series)

I remember that song, I haven't heard that song in a long-long time. I remember us slow dancing to it at ...
My memory slowly fades in, she's wearing a blue pants suit, white blouse, dark blue shoes, the fragrance of her perfume slowly filtering into my nostrils...

Check to cheek,
On a crowded dance floor,
Arms hold on tight,
Soft firm breast, impel into taut chest,
Bodies embrace in a sensuous soulful slow dance,

Crowded dance floor becomes a distance memory,
While soft slow music of love enhance in minds forever,
As love arrives and enters our hearts and souls, without knocking....

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Talk to me...... Prose poem ...... (Thought Series)

Quiet voices spoke,
While in the position of Spoon,
As one body is cupped by two arms embracing it,
Vocals of the past was followed by vocals of the future,
As reinsurance of their love transpired in the dark of the room....

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Him ...... Repetitive Poem ........... Thought Series ......

Today, my hand found my pen inside its grasp once again,
It was attempting to write a poem just for you,
A poem that will explain exactly how I feel about you,
A poem of endearment,
A poem of sentiment,
A poem that resemble my deep affections towards you

When I awoke this morning, writing this poem was not on my mind,
But a thought of you, lifted up my pen and gave me the desire to write,
But as I lifted this pen, I realize I had nothing new to say to you,
I have written my feeling about you many paper folds before,
I have written how your love make me stand on top of the mountain,
How your love beats within the beats of my heart,
How your love has help me endure the endurable faiths of life,
How your love keeps my faith in the heavens above

But, I wrote this simple poem anyway,
Because I never can say, "I love you" enough...

Sign, Him Again, 

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