Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hope Undone (always Hope) ... Picture Poem

I wake up at night and see your body lying next to mines
But I know in my heart, when the sun would rise, you still won't know the color of my eyes
Live alone unloved, or live with someone not loved is really just the same factor
The only real difference, is there's one more body to clean after
I thought a family as one, would make me feel like something
But how can I feel like something, when being with you, makes me feel even more like nothing
My soul cry's out, for all the right answers
As my mind tries to clear itself, from this life killing cancer
Up and down, my world spins like a top
Is there no end to my misery, Damn.. This hell has to stop
I cry a river, trying to ease my mental pain
But I know when I wake up tomorrow; my live will be exactly the same
Despair must leave; I must cling to the glory of hope
Because when God has clearly seen, my soul can't bare anymore
He'll slowly cleanse my life, with the Holy Ghost of healing soap
I hope the Lord hear my pleas, before despair has finally won
Come rescue my wreckage soul, before my mind comes completely undone

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love Letter 2 ..... Prose Poem ......

While I think about writing you a love letter, my pen just sits next to my hand

But how does a person write his deepest and most intimate feelings on a mere piece of paper

How does he write about loving someone so strongly, it fuels his deepest inspirations, it turns dark nights into glories days, just thinking about her

How do I tell you, how your soft touch makes my skin cringe with excitement and at the same time, it leaves a sensual endearment of love

How your tender sweet kisses makes my body stop in time, and just looking at you sitting at the table, fills my heart with endless love, while making my body envy itself

Sounds strange... But it's true...

My hands envy my eyes because they can only feel your softness, but not like my eyes, they can not see the reaction you have to my loving caresses, the smile it puts on your face

My lips envy my hands, although they can fill your soft kisses, and they can make your flesh melt from their touch, they can only touch one spot of your soft flesh at a time, and not like the hands, that can bombard your flesh with tender touches all over your body at once

My heart envies my mind, because my mind can see the beauty of you with the help of my eyes, it can feel the softness of you, with the help of my hands, it can hear your voice whisper, "I love you", with the help of my ears, it can feel the love flowing through me, with the help of my heart

But at last, my mind envies my heart, because that is where the love of you starts, were it flows through my vanes, until it penetrates my soul

Because without that love, my mind knows, it could not see, it could not feel, it could not hear the love, that makes the soft beats of my heart…

And this is why, the pen lies next to my hand, as my hand envies my lips, deeply caressing yours...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love Letter .......... Prose Poem

I awaken his morning feeling alone
My arms are stretched out, but no one is there
The feel of the warmth generated from your body eludes my touch
The softness of your flesh is now just a memory
The essence of you is no longer beside me
But as my body rolls over, and my eyes slowly opens, the lingering scent of you flows inside my nostrils, triggering the deep love and affection I have for you
A love and affection that has lasted through the times of life tribulations, life sorrows, life joys
A roller coaster ride of life, that has left my heart full of satisfaction, gratitude and a divine love
Even if my eyes were never to see you again, the essence of my love for you would never die
My mind knows you are standing just behind the open bedroom door, but I still sit here feeling lonely for you, because my heart has become spoiled from the generosity of love your heart has showered upon me over the years of my being
A Being that has entwine with yours as one for such a long time
A love my heart knows, that will last for the rest of the duration of our lives
I love you my dearest, and I will never stop loving you, not even after the last beat of my heart...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Consented ... Haiku Poem

Bare flesh, warm and soft

Consternation of the flesh

Desire, extinguished..