Monday, February 25, 2013

Heartbeat ... Repetition poem

Do you hear it?

listen to it's strong rhythmic beats,

Can't you hear it?

listen to our heartbeat

To its quick pace as our lips taste,
Our arms embrace

Listen to it telling our life stories and secrets, 
with different beats for different times of our lives

To its quiet calm as we spoon together in the bed,
Listening to soft slow songs filling the room with raptured words of love

listen to it's beats that are silent and slow, 
as we quietly sleep in each other arms

listen closely to the heartbeats of our life frills,
Our life thrills,
Our life chills,
All you have to do is listen

Listen to my heartbeat of wanting, needing, of your love

Listen to our heartbeats,
Pulsating in the same rhythmic rhythm of essential love...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday ..... If it wasn't for your love.... Song

Would I be standing here 
After all these years 
Among the stars above 
Maybe not, if it wasn't for your love 
Smiling faces all around 
Like when a king that has just been crowned 
A battle has been won 
That I'd have lost 
If it wasn't for you love 
A fairy tale unfolds 
More true than stories I've been told 
At last my chance to shine 
And all in perfect time 
The life I once dreamed of 
Who'd have thought 
If it wasn't for your love 
And oh the wonderful surprise 
To have a light so bright it blinds my eyes 
And finally I see, how it feels to live a dream 
But would I have touched the sky 
Ever flown so high 
No not i, if it wasn't for your love...

I didn't write these words, but the words were stolen from my heart...
Happy Birthday ML...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Remembrance..... Thought Series ....

Thought Series: Thoughts of past events in my life...

Thoughts of our first Valentine mist in my mind,
I ponder what do I get you? 
This is my first, this is all new to me, 
Where do I take you? 
I have no money,
This sucks,
Mom, what do I do?
I need a Damn job..
Piggy bank busted,
How about a movie?
No, thats OK, you understand, 

Sit on your mothers sofa,
Give you your gifts,
Didn't know it was also you first Valentine,
Felt bad I couldn't offer more, and make it more special...

Å smile a mile long,
A kiss sweeter then the chocolate candy,
Hugged up in front of the TV,
Watching movie of the week 

Fall asleep holding you,
Phone rings,
Your mother answers, 
Where is my son?
 He always come home on time, over protected mother ask?
Their asleep in front of the TV,
You want me to wake him up?
 Leave him alone..
 He's in love, click! ....

All the years,
All the Valentines we have shared,
All the money spent on trying to make the next one better,
Does not compare, to our first Valentine day together...

Love is a splendid thing,
Which is almost as splendid as you...

With all my love, 
Happy Valentine Day ...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013