Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Remembrance..... Thought Series ....

Thought Series: Thoughts of past events in my life...

Thoughts of our first Valentine mist in my mind,
I ponder what do I get you? 
This is my first, this is all new to me, 
Where do I take you? 
I have no money,
This sucks,
Mom, what do I do?
I need a Damn job..
Piggy bank busted,
How about a movie?
No, thats OK, you understand, 

Sit on your mothers sofa,
Give you your gifts,
Didn't know it was also you first Valentine,
Felt bad I couldn't offer more, and make it more special...

Å smile a mile long,
A kiss sweeter then the chocolate candy,
Hugged up in front of the TV,
Watching movie of the week 

Fall asleep holding you,
Phone rings,
Your mother answers, 
Where is my son?
 He always come home on time, over protected mother ask?
Their asleep in front of the TV,
You want me to wake him up?
 Leave him alone..
 He's in love, click! ....

All the years,
All the Valentines we have shared,
All the money spent on trying to make the next one better,
Does not compare, to our first Valentine day together...

Love is a splendid thing,
Which is almost as splendid as you...

With all my love, 
Happy Valentine Day ...


  1. I hope one day I have memories like this .... Thoughtful thoughts 1ManView ...

  2. It would be nice if you could play
    Love is a Many Splendored Thing...sung by Tony Bennet....
    Post wonderful....
    From your Brazilian friend!