Friday, February 11, 2011

Musing ...... Repetitive Poem ....... Happy Valentine

As simple thoughts floated through my mind,

I wondered why did I need you so much?

Why I wanted you so much?

Why did I love the way your docile touch on the outside of my flesh, make me feel in the inside of my heart, and the way you playfully nipple on my ears, gave me goose pumps?

Why are your kisses sweeter when they come from nowhere, for no reason other then you wanted too?

Why do I love holding the flesh of your body tight to mines, in the middle of the night while you are deeply sleeping?

Why does my desire for you still burn deep in the depths of my soul, even after endless years of togetherness?

Just as these simple thoughts finish flashing through my mind, my mind plays a witless game on me,

By remembering how desolated my life was before you...

Happy Valentine....