Thursday, September 29, 2011

Song Poem ...... Spoiled By Joss Stone ....... Repetitive .....

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song:

Never did I imagine love would ever make me feel this way,

Fill my every need,

With love life giving seed,

Make me love another,

More then life itself,

Be everything I would ever need in this life time,

But now that I have had it, by letting your love complete my life,

I have become ever spoiled...


From your simple love,

Your compassionate touch,

That means to me, all so much


From the steady soft beats in your heart,

That now beats soft and steady inside of mines,

I'm spoiled....

By a love that is so personified

I can't live even a second without it in my life,

I’m spoiled....

By too many years leaving with a love that defines,

What it is to be loved by someone whose love flow from my head to my toes,

While soothing my weary soul,

I'm spoiled...

By a love that ease down my throat like an expensive wine,

Made a hundred years, before my time,

I'm spoiled....

By a love that's given to me every minute of the day,

Every second of the night,

Every beat of my heart,

For the duration of my life...

I'm spoiled...

By a love that loves the simple man in me,

While letting the better man inside of me run free,

I'm spoiled...

By a docile kiss that reaches down to my toes,

Intertwined into my soul,

Leaving this 1man, always wanting more,

I'm spoiled....

By a love that can soothe the raging beast,

That hides deep inside, the man of me

I'm spoiled....

By a surreal touch that soothes my mind,

When life miseries make my soul silently cry,

I'm spoiled....

By a love that justifies,

Being in my life,

I'm spoiled...

By a love my being wears so right,

I can no longer live without its presence in my life,

I'm spoiled...

By a smile that not only lights up my whole life,

But is worn by a wonderful woman, I proudly call "My Wife"...

I'm spoiled

By a jolt of generosity of your love,

That must of came from the heavens above,

That has been stuffed into my heart,

Until death, do us part

I'm spoiled

By your love that burns so bright,

It has lead the path way to a happier, and excelled life

I'm spoiled...

Without a second guess,

That I have been blessed,

By the heavens above,

With a undying love,

I'm spoiled....

By the enraptured love you have brought to this life,

For the duration of our lives...

I've been spoiled




By being deeply in love with thee

I've been spoiled

By a simple love,

From a complex woman...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Love letter ........ Prose Poem ... Revisited ...

I awaken his morning feeling alone
My arms are stretched out, but no one is there
The feel of the warmth generated from your body eludes my touch
The softness of your flesh is now just a memory
The essence of you is no longer beside me
But as my body rolls over, and my eyes slowly opens, the lingering scent of you flows inside my nostrils, triggering the deep love and affection I have for you

A love and affection that has lasted through the times of life tribulations, life sorrows, life joys
A roller coaster ride of life, that has left my heart full of satisfaction, gratitude and a divine love
Even if my eyes were never to see you again, the essence of my love for you would never die

My mind knows you are standing just behind the open bedroom door, but I still sit here feeling lonely for you, because my heart has become spoiled from the generosity of love your heart has showered upon me over the years of my being
A Being that has entwine with yours as one for such a long time
A love my heart knows, that will last for the rest of the duration of our lives
I love you my dearest, and I will never stop loving you, not even after the last beat of my heart...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spirited Saying......

Wy do we close are eyes when we pray?

When we dream?

When we cry?

Or when we kiss?

Because we know that the most beautiful things are not seen,

But felt in the heart...

Author unknown to me...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feelings........ Repetitive Poem .... (revisited)

Repetitive Poem (Repetition Poem):
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

As my eyes look deep into your eyes, I see the vastness, and the wonders of the universe

As my fingers ease through your hair, the silky softness of its texture, reminds me of the softness of the clouds above

As my fingertips touch your lips, my heart flutters from the thoughts of our last kiss

As my fingers strum across your cheeks, it reminds me of the softness of cotton

As my hand pushes your hair back off your face and the moonlight reflects off its smooth surface, I'm reminded why; I'm deeply in love with more then your flesh, but also your being.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Love Unknown Letter ....... Prose Poem

Before you, I knew about the meaning of love,

I knew how soft love touch would be,

How kindness flowed from the bottom of a lover’s heart,

How genteel of a person love would be,

How sugary sweet love kisses, would taste on my lips,

And how its taste, would linger forever in my mind

I knew love long before you came into my life

I knew how love, was suppose to feel in my heart

I knew how love, was suppose to feel when it wrapped around my soul

I knew how love, was suppose to feel when you were near me

I knew how love withdrawn, was suppose to feel when the times I could not be near you

I know how love devotion, brought the love of two, to a love of one meaning,

I knew love, long before I knew you,

But when you came into my life, you completed that love, I knew all so well...


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Mood Music... Unchain Melody By The Righteous Brothers

Oh, my love

my darling

I've hungered for your touch

a long lonely time

and time goes by so slowly

and time can do so much

are you still mine?

I need your love

I need your love

Godspeed your love to me

Lonely rivers flow to the sea,

to the sea

to the open arms of the sea

lonely rivers sigh 'wait for me, wait for me'

I'll be coming home wait for me

Oh, my love

my darling

I've hungered for your touch

a long lonely time

and time goes by so slowly

and time can do so much

are you still mine?

I need your love

I need your love

Godspeed your love to me