Monday, September 5, 2011

Love Unknown Letter ....... Prose Poem

Before you, I knew about the meaning of love,

I knew how soft love touch would be,

How kindness flowed from the bottom of a lover’s heart,

How genteel of a person love would be,

How sugary sweet love kisses, would taste on my lips,

And how its taste, would linger forever in my mind

I knew love long before you came into my life

I knew how love, was suppose to feel in my heart

I knew how love, was suppose to feel when it wrapped around my soul

I knew how love, was suppose to feel when you were near me

I knew how love withdrawn, was suppose to feel when the times I could not be near you

I know how love devotion, brought the love of two, to a love of one meaning,

I knew love, long before I knew you,

But when you came into my life, you completed that love, I knew all so well...



  1. This is beautiful! The photo is also fitting.

    Use the other photo on my blog as a good excuse to write another poem. ;-)

  2. That's how finding real love feels like, doesn't it? It feels complete.
    Thank you for the lovely visit

  3. TS99, thank you much, but I like your photo better...

  4. Drenchxoxo, Thanks, I appreciate your comment...

  5. Just_because_today, Yes it is, and your blog is wonderful..

  6. buongiorno cara...sono appena tornata e passavo per un saluto tornerò poi con calma per leggere i tuoi pensieri...vedo che si parla d'amore...sentimento meraviglioso, intrigante, a volte doloroso ma per questo così autentico e bello...

    un abbraccio!

  7. angeloblu, Grazie, apprezzo il tuo letto e commenti ....

    Un abbraccio ...