Thursday, July 26, 2012

Revelation ........ Repetition Poem ....... (Revisited)

Show me...

Show me how to touch your flesh in such a way; you will never want me to stop

Show me how to kiss your lips so docile your knees buckle

Show me how to hold your hand, so you won't ever let mines go

Show me the darkest corner of your mind, so I can shower it with sunlight, so you won't ever stumble again in the dark

Show me the way to your heart,  and I will show you the way to fulfillment

Show me the way to your soul, so mines can intertwine with yours 

Show me all of your love, and I shall surrender all of mines for you to hold for eternity

Show me...

Repetition Poem: 
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday Night Music... Color my world by Chicago

It's the end of the week.. Lights off, fireplace flickering, the love of your life is held tight between your arms, as you wish this song was a lot longer...

As time goes on, I realize

Just what you mean to me.
And now, now that you're near,
Promise your love that I've waited to share
And dreams of our moments together.
Color my world with hopes of loving you

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reflections ..... Joyful ... Repetitive Poem...

Joy, is the feeling that overcomes me, when I speak your name

Joy, is my hand, intertwine with yours

Joy, is when you walked into my lonesome life, and brought love to stay

Joy, is the feeling I get when you wrap your arms around my neck

Joy, is seeing a smile on your face, hearing your laughter

Joy, is the sober of my mind, after your lips meet and greet mines 

Joy, is waking with your body envelop into mines

Joy, is the simple moments we share together

Joy, is the feel of your body, softly meshing against mine, as we slow dance to the              
        slow rhythmic beats of our hearts

Joy, is the feel of the love, that I have for you, rooted deep into my heart 

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reflections ... A Stroll .... Prose Poem .....

Reflections, is a series of poems,
Of my random thoughts ...

Hot lazy summer afternoon,
Soothing air condition ride to the county park,
Kids on swings remind me of yester years, 
Families riding through the park on bikes and skates,
Family of four on bikes comes toward us,
Their not on the bike trail that's next to the walk trail, but who cares, as the tiny blonde hair girl with big blue eyes rings the bike bell for us to move out of their way, she laughs and yell hi in her tiny high pitched voice, as they streak by

Two bodies stroll slowly side by side,
In whispering voices, converse to one another,
Suddenly it dawns on me that this stroll is like so many others, but hadn't been taking in quite sometime,
Busy lives, different direction, rising children, has taken it toll on frequent strolls,
But on this day, we shall enjoy the turn back of time,
Our hands meet and greet, the same hands that meet many years ago,
But now has less flexibility, and aching joints,
But our love still flows through them, strong as ever

Fresh air, overflowing riverbanks next to walk walkway harness cover for lazy ducks and geese,
Ripples in the shoreline is from small fish dashing in and out of the weeds, that protect them from the roaming pry fish,
Wish of my fishing pole and two lounge chairs under the willow tree runs through my mind

A young couple quickly past us by while holding each other oh so tightly, they look as if were joined together at the hips,
A young love that reminds me of us many years ago, so into each other, we would walk right past the beautiful blooming flowers, missing the sight, missing their fragrance of life, because we were too consumed with the love that was blooming within,
But now, with many years of love and togetherness, we can walk slowly, because we understand that our love will always shine, always be there, and that the beautiful sights around us, enhance what we have inside for each other,
And no matter how fast we walk, time will still past us by,
But true love, will never leave us behind,
It will always walk in every step of our life's ...

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