Friday, January 28, 2011

Shadow On The Sun... A Song Poem .......

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase or sentence from that song.
It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song:
Song: Shadow on the sun by Audioslave....
"Sometimes a person doesn't appreciate want they have, until they are reminded of what they didn't have in the past. Unfortunately, For different reasons, "Lovers don't always stay"....
Delicated to Navypoet, may your heart find peace my poetic freind...

(press play)
A polite hello and a hug follow years of departure_silence,
A shadow of a smile, crosses your face,
As shadows of our past block the rays of the sun once again, as memory of she said, he said, "I love you", while under ever the cover of the moonlight...
But for one reason or another, our love never shined in the brightness of the sun,
Only casting a shadow on its surface...
Was it our hearts weren't strong enough to carry the burden of true love,
Or our minds not accepting or not able to decipher the conflicting singles of mix emotions that swept through our bodies as love bloomed...
I knew you, but you never took the time to know the me,
You just wanted to control the me, in the he,
Then call it love...
But when the they came into your life, the we became just me,
And my love became lost and misguided, casting its shadow on the sun...
It didn't matter how hard we tried under the cover of the moonlight,
We could never get the shadow off the sun,
Because trust, now was only inside one...
Parting was not sweet, nor a sorrow,
It was just two persons parting because one love was stuck standing in the moonlight,
While the other was trapped reaching higher for the stars, leaving its shadow on the sun...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

If Only One Night ... Prose Poem

In the distance my eyes becomes full of you,

As his arms held you tight,

But my heart says you are the one,

If I could just hold you for only, one night

One night for my arms to hold you tight

Not to show you are mines,

But for a true love to shine...

Shine in our eyes,

Shine in our hearts

Shine in our souls

As I hold you tight, even if only for one night

For only one night, I want to have sex with your body,

While making such sweet love to your heart,

It indents deep into your soul,

Burn the name of I, deep into your mind,

Even if only, for one night

As the sun rise up in tomorrow sky,

And its warming beams flow through the window,

My eyes watch the silhouette of your body standing in front of that window,

Because it took only one night,

For me to make you fall completely in love with me,

Because you let me hold you tight, under the beaming moonlight,

For only, one night...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just...... Repetitive Poem....

This poem was written years ago...

Darken room
Shades drawn
A mere crack in the window
To refresh the stale air that's filtering into my lungs
A quiet eerie has grasp the sounds that surrounds me
My eyes fixate on the bedroom wall ahead of me
But they only see the hue of darkness
My mind ponders
My hand rest intently at my sides
As my body slumps in the oversize chair...
We fought...
We screamed...
We said things we didn't mean
Now I sit in the dark pondering if I will ever see you one more night
Will I ever see that loving smile on your face that lights up the darken room again
Will I see your eyes twinkle in the candlelight’s like the stars in God's heaven?
Will I ever again feel the soothing sounds of your voice?
As it soothes the salvage beast inside of me
Feel the softness of your fingertips gently brush through my hair
Feel the softness of your lips brush gently on my cheeks
Or hear your voice whisper in my ear, do you love me?
How much?
Has never been a word I was afraid of before
But tonight my mind ponders on what if I never see you again...
Never touch the softness of your flesh next to mine
Never feel the warmth of your breath ease past my ear
Never feel your fingertips trace across the nape of my neck
Never hear you voice in laughter
Never see your tears of joy
Never share the intimacy that only true lovers can share
As the pain in my heart grips my soul
Tears rain from my eyes while I pray for one more night
Just one more night to tell you I'm sorry
Just one more night to tell you I cannot live without you
Just one more night to say, I love you…