Saturday, May 30, 2009

Revelation ..... Repetition Poem ....

Show me...

Show me how to touch your flesh in such a way; you will never want me to stop

Show me how to kiss your lips so docile your knees buckle

Show me how to hold your hand, so you won't ever let mines go

Show me the darkest corner of your mind, so I can shower it with sunlight, so you won't ever stumble again in the dark

Show me the way to your heart,  and I will show you the way to fulfillment

Show me the way to your soul, so mines can intertwine with yours 

Show me all of your love, and I shall surrender all of mines for you to hold for eternity

Show me...

Repetition Poem: 

Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Love .. Prose Poem

His finger softy strums my face like a Spanish guitar
Vibrations radiate down my flesh, as his fingertips embrace my face
On a downward tilt his head slowly moves
Eyes connect, emotions race
As my eyes close, I can feel his lips caress mine
Head turns, eyes close tight, lips gently part, a sigh escape my throat, a moan escapes his
A quick breath, a deeper kiss, bodies embrace tighter
We exhale... to the unknown territory of pure love

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Feelings ... Repetition Poem

Repetition Poem: 
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

As my eyes look deep into your eyes, I see the vastness, and the wonders of the universe 

As my fingers ease through your hair, the silky softness of its texture, reminds me of the softness of the clouds above 

As my fingertips touch your lips, my heart flutters from the thoughts of our last kiss 

As my fingers strum across your cheeks, it reminds me of the softness of cotton 

As my hand pushes your hair back off your face and the moonlight reflects off its smooth surface, I'm reminded why; I'm deeply in love with more then your flesh, but also your being.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exclusive Nightfall (Listen) Rhymes Poem

Rhymes are types of poems which have the the repetition of the same or similar sounds at the end of two or more words most often at the ends of lines

I want to be with you just one glorious night 

One night of being your shinning knight 

One night of holding you tight 

One night of kissing you all night 

One night of making everything in your life, alright 

One night waiting for the sun to turn the dark sky bright 

One night of bringing you joyous delights 

One night taking you on the highest of flights 

One night of hearing your screams 

One night of sharing your dreams 

One night of all night passion quests 

One night of mind undisturbed rest 

One night of a love so true 

One night of falling in love with you 

I want to be with you one night, the rest of your life 

I want to be with you one night, with you forever, as my wife 


Monday, May 18, 2009

Love Stance

My favorite position, has no sexual intentions 

No ties, no ropes, no blindfolds, just eternal love that's pure and true 

A position as simple as standing before you, and watching the stare of your light brown eyes melt my heart 

While giving me the feeling, nothing will keep us apart 

A position of patients, waiting for your smile, that brightens up the room 

Your charm, your innocence, your grace, and all the mental part of you too 

Your laugh, that's so genuine, the position of joy it brings to my heart 

The sway in your hips, that make my heart skip a beat 

Holding you tight at night, or holding the memory of you in my mind 

The position of your heart, that makes you so gentle and kind 

While the position of ones self, is just right to smell the essence of you 

Our love stance can be in the position of a gentle embrace, as we watch the brightest of sun, give way to a full moon 

Or the graceful embrace of passion that keeps our souls in the position, of being fresh and new 

Might it be the positions of holding hands, lips embrace, or a gentle nudge of a nose against the flesh of a cheek, whatever position we start in, it will always end, in the position of love 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Electrified... Prose Poem .. (My Humor)

When I got older, I was told not to put my finger in it

The first time I touched it, I got shocked by it

Now when I can' touch it

Feel the moistness inside it

I get deranged about it

Who knew something so small was so electrifying

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cried Out ... Prose Poem

It's a dark gloomy day; the air is heavy with the feel of dew
Your face had became nothing but a memory, but for a split second, it was a blur
After all this time, I thought I was over you
But now I see you again, face to face
I smiled; you smiled, as we walked our separate ways
As I walked away, I felt rain drops running down my face, as my hands extended in the air to feel the softness of it, I realize it wasn't raining from the sky, but raining from the memory of you breaking my heart was flooding my eyes
All the bad memories of a one-sided love affair had trickle back into my memory
The pain was back in my bones, the heaviness was back in my heart, the memory of deception filled my head with angered-grief
Then the remembrance of the pleasure your touch brought me was felt, the feel of the pillow softness of you flesh texture
The way you kissed me like you missed me every second we were apart tingle on my lips
The captured memory of your flesh intertwine with mine, as we sipped on expensive red wine in front of the fireplace 
How my body cringed from your fingertips raking through my hair, raining goose bumps down my spine
Then there was the slow dance, bodies grinding in the candlelight, thighs rubbing on each other as tongues seek a warmer place to hide as my hand pushed your dampen panties down
My fingertips sliding down your flat stomach, then you called out his name as they touched your sacred place
The horrid look of deceit was on your face, the lies to cover up lies poured out the other side of your face
The begging, the fake "I'm sorry," the “it was only sex”, the misuse of the words, "I love only you," and the feel of my soul dying a slow death deep inside me
A crack of lightening crosses the sky; the rain comes down in a deluge, covering the tears that flooded from my eyes...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inception.... (Just One Night) .... Prose Poem

Eyes color of light brown, shining brighter than God stars in the sky, looks sheepishly into mines

Like a cool night breeze, your breath whisper past the softness of your inner lips, as my eyes fixate on the contour of your chest, slowly rising and falling.... 

Bare flesh, softer then heavens white lining that wraps around your sculptured body, lies next to mine

The weight of your head rest on my chest, still, peaceful, as my fingertips gently strokes through your hair

This one night, I don't want to break the silence of the room 

This one night, my ears don't want to hear your voice higher then a whisper, as the words I love you descends into my ears

This one night, I don't want to strain, stretch and contort our bodies’ muscles in passionate play.... Just relax in the surreal space we have chosen

This one night, I want our love to transcend from the depths of our souls, ride on the coat tails of our blood as it runs through our veins, while touching every organ, every tissue in our bodies, then ooze out our flesh pores, and unite as one divine love

And just like this one night, I want to feel this love for ever in my heart, my soul, my mind, my being, as long as we shall live, starting from the moment of this one night

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Body Parts ....... Reprisal To Poem Below This One ........ (Prose Poem)

When you gaze into my eyes, it's not me that you see 
It's the reflection of all the goodness in you that's now in me 
Your soul has entered into my heart 
Wrapped so deep, no man nor woman, could ever pull us apart 

When the words "I love you” whispers in your ear 
It's our eternal love, which keeps you near 
Even when our bodies are separated and far apart 
A deeper affection, and appreciation, of one and other starts 

When you kiss my lips tenderly and ultra soft 
My heart opens wider then an expensive spacious loft 
My mind is forever starving for your gentle touch 
Just because I love all of you, just that much 

So how can one forget, about a love that never stops 
Especially when every time my eyes lay upon you, my heart skips a beat and feels like it's going to pop 
Dare... Me… kiss you... I say not 
Because at this loving moment, once I start, I dare you to stop