Monday, May 18, 2009

Love Stance

My favorite position, has no sexual intentions 

No ties, no ropes, no blindfolds, just eternal love that's pure and true 

A position as simple as standing before you, and watching the stare of your light brown eyes melt my heart 

While giving me the feeling, nothing will keep us apart 

A position of patients, waiting for your smile, that brightens up the room 

Your charm, your innocence, your grace, and all the mental part of you too 

Your laugh, that's so genuine, the position of joy it brings to my heart 

The sway in your hips, that make my heart skip a beat 

Holding you tight at night, or holding the memory of you in my mind 

The position of your heart, that makes you so gentle and kind 

While the position of ones self, is just right to smell the essence of you 

Our love stance can be in the position of a gentle embrace, as we watch the brightest of sun, give way to a full moon 

Or the graceful embrace of passion that keeps our souls in the position, of being fresh and new 

Might it be the positions of holding hands, lips embrace, or a gentle nudge of a nose against the flesh of a cheek, whatever position we start in, it will always end, in the position of love 


  1. Ola woman !

    Linda semana, pra você !


    PS: "My favorite position, has no sexual intentions " :)

  2. Hello 1manview,
    Blog Administrator I love and loved Souls of its two web pages. I wonder if this post lets play (Love Stance) in my area.
    I do not speak English, then do a free translation, with help from a friend.
    I await your response.
    A hug

  3. Belo como sempre
    beijo meu amigo

  4. Yvy, marcos grignolli,Princesa, obrigado pelos comentários ...

    Um beijo