Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inception.... (Just One Night) .... Prose Poem

Eyes color of light brown, shining brighter than God stars in the sky, looks sheepishly into mines

Like a cool night breeze, your breath whisper past the softness of your inner lips, as my eyes fixate on the contour of your chest, slowly rising and falling.... 

Bare flesh, softer then heavens white lining that wraps around your sculptured body, lies next to mine

The weight of your head rest on my chest, still, peaceful, as my fingertips gently strokes through your hair

This one night, I don't want to break the silence of the room 

This one night, my ears don't want to hear your voice higher then a whisper, as the words I love you descends into my ears

This one night, I don't want to strain, stretch and contort our bodies’ muscles in passionate play.... Just relax in the surreal space we have chosen

This one night, I want our love to transcend from the depths of our souls, ride on the coat tails of our blood as it runs through our veins, while touching every organ, every tissue in our bodies, then ooze out our flesh pores, and unite as one divine love

And just like this one night, I want to feel this love for ever in my heart, my soul, my mind, my being, as long as we shall live, starting from the moment of this one night