Friday, November 25, 2011

What love is ..... Prose Poem...

There was a time

I wanted to know_what love is

There was a time

I wanted to feel what love felt like from within

There was a time

I wanted a love that I could feel deep inside,

A love, I didn't feel like I had to hide

There was a time

I wanted someone to show me what true love was

Then came you,

With a love so warm inside, it was frightening

A love that melted the ice that had wrapped around my heart

A love that warm all the thoughts in my mind

A love that warm me from inside my soul out

A love that has shined, ever day, every second, since you have come into my life

Because of you, I now know what love is

Love is, the splendor of all things,

Love is that touch, that awakens my being from your simple caress,

Love is that feeling, that sends chills up my spine, just from your smile

Love is, that mellow sensation that surrounds my being, when your ambient laughter flows inside my ears

Love is sensations of lust, passion and greed, that I can only feel when love surrealism sensations are the first ones that embraces my being

Love is, when your sweet kisses lingers on my lips, long after your lips have embraced mine,

Love is, that calm feeling I feel inside my soul, when we lay as one in our space of silence,

Love is, no longer looking for the light, that's on the other side of life,

Love is, that feeling I get, when you lay your hand softly on my chest, and I feel its warm gentle touch, touch the center of my heart...

Today I truly know what love is,

Love is you, loving me...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Smile ........... Repetitive Poem ........

I turned into a smile

A smile I yarn for

A smile that made my heart beat with urgency

A smile I kissed deeply


Monday, November 14, 2011

Revilation 2 (I feel) ........ Prose Poem ....... Revisited ....

I stand in the shadows, hiding the being of me...
I feel your thoughts, I see you reaching out...
I want to give you all you need, which in turn, will pull both our souls into the light of day...
I imagine the softness of you lips, deeply meshing on mines, and the curvature of your soft flesh, under the tip of my fingers...
Now my mind envisions a deep embrace, impaling the firmness of your bosom into the hardness of my chest...
Your soft breathe whispering on my flesh…
Your womanly scent enticing my mind, as our eyes meet in a deep stare, joining our minds thoughts into that of one...
Surrender is not what I want, but absolute of the mind is want I need...
I do not wish to lead, nor do I wish to follow, but I need to feel us as one, so the being of me can come out the shadows, so it can be shared with the being of you, in the basking sunlight..

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surrender ........ Tanka Poem ..... Revisited .......

Surrender to me

Every soft beat of your heart

Fill it with my love

Let it touch your lonesome soul

While making both of us whole

Tanka is a Japanese poetry type of five lines, the first and third composed of five syllables and the rest of seven. Tanka is the oldest type of poetry in Japan.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Vastness (1) .... Picture Poem... Prose ....

Picture Taken From

Vast is the universe,

A mystery of the decades,

Unknown to man what makes it up,

What makes it move?

Why is it so sobering dark?

But yet so jubilantly bright

And then there's this place we call earth,

Also vast,

Also dark,

Also bright with life

Big and round,

But at times, it seems so small,

With no space to hide,

No space to ponder,

And yet, still has many mysteries man has not figured out over the decades

But then there's you,

Small in stature,

But all so big inside

Big in giving out love,

Big in giving out hugs,

Big in giving out sweet kisses,

Big in giving out best of wishes,

A big heart,

That's full of love

A love that's big in giving me everything this 1man need,

A love that's big in giving me everything this 1man wants,

A love that makes my world go round,

A love that makes the vastness of the universe feel small,

A love that surrounds me, with the warmth of a wool blanket,

A love that pave the way for me through the dark,

A love that no man can explain, just marvel at, just like we marvel at the existence of the universe

I can't explain it,

Any more then anyone can explain why,

God has chosen to hide,

An abundance of love deep inside you

I do accept it,

Just like I accept all of you,

From your perfectness, to your imperfections,

Because they all add up too,

One big universe of a special kind of love...