Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Conviction .... Prose Poem ....


Spirits low,
Thoughts rambling,
Then I thought of you...
My flicker of light in the dark,
The inspiration when there is none,
The spirit of my spirit,
That puts passion back into my soul,
Vision back into my sights,
The life vest that keeps me afloat,
When the hurricane threatens to pull me under its treacherous currents...
As my face smiled,
I thought of you today...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Devotion... Prose Poem.... (Repost from 5-7-11)

A tragedy struck my family this weekend. As my spouse and I laid together in thoughts, she mentioned this was the worst Mother Day weekend she ever had. I reminded her how much more tragic it could have been, and how proud I was in our family surrounding itself with love in this time of need. I wrote this poem to let her know what had been planned for that night, but even after facing a family tragedy, it ended the same. With us bonding with love, as I held her while she slept in my arms...

Darkness surrounds the lone candlelight,

But cannot keep its flickering light from piercing through its dark denseness,

As two lovers lying face to face in bed, held each other in a deep embrace of love...

Soft music serenades their ears,

Affection serenades their souls,

As father time continuous marinating of their love, keeps flowing...

Lips embrace in a soft wet kiss,

Then taste,

Then kiss deeper,

Sending wave after wave of loving sensations through their bodies, Covering their naked souls with pure love...

Intertwine are their lips,

Intertwine are their tongues,

Intertwine are their minds with the essence of true love,

As two heart beats, beat in a harmonious beat of one, while soft flesh melts into softer flesh...

A whispered "I love you" is met with a sweeter, "I love you",

While devoted caressing eyes, wonder through each other...

Clenched embrace produces,

Soft docile touches seduces,

Wet warm kisses introduces,

A love born once again,

In the bedroom whose dense darkness, could not smother the loving flicker, of a single candlelight...

With love... Your 1man

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reverie .. Prose Poem

Eyes fixation consumes,

As they undress the flesh that covers the curvature of my body:

Exposing my inner worth,

Uncovering all my sacred thoughts...

As arms wrap around my nakedness,

Your nose softly snuggles up to my cheek, and inhales the essence of my being, my soul,

Unmasking the surrender of my love...

Soft raining kisses on the side of my neck sends goose bumps up my spine,

As your tight embrace takes my breath away...

Lips intertwine tastes,

While tongue bathes in the moist warmth of my mouth…

Lust seduce my cravings,

Desire fuels the fire,

Love directs,

As I have come to comprehend what you mean when you say,

"You are mine"...