Friday, January 31, 2014

love is ....... Thought series .... Prose poem ....

Love is like a ghost, 
You can't see it...
You can't touch it....
But you can feel the being of its existence.....

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Friday, January 24, 2014

The weakness in me ...... Prose poetry .....

From the day I was man born, 
It was instilled into me to be man strong:
Strong in the mind,
Strong in the arms,
Strong shouldered to carry life burdens,
Strong willed to be all I could be in my lifetime

Then came you

A woman who made me see light in the dark,
Darkness in the bright of the sun,
Feel the coolness in the hot summer breeze,
Feel heat, on the coldest of dark nights

You have become the woman who made me weak:
Weak in my mind thoughts,
Weak in my heart

You make me laugh when I don't want too,
You make me reflect on the good in my life, while letting go of the bad,
You helped me learn patients, when I no longer have none, 
You taught me to forget, while forgiving those who trespass against me

You are truly the weakness in me,
A weakness I call by name,

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Effussive ... Prose poem ........

Cold wind brisk against my face,
turning my eyebrows and beard into a frozen layer of iciness

Swirling white snow blinds the vision of my eyes, 
making it easy to lose ones surroundings

Heavy bitter cold air, 
make it hard for my lungs to freely breathe, as it's frost biting ways,
nip at the tip of my toes and fingertips

But while all of this is happening, I think of you, and the summer breeze you bring

The warmth of your smile that warms the air that touches my face, 
with the heat of the morning sun

The warmth of your heart, that paths my way,
with it's steady beats

The warmth inside your mind, 
that keeps my focus from astray

The warmth of your flesh, 
to wrap myself into, anytime I'm feeling cold

The warmth of your love, 
that makes me humble and whole

Oh how I love the winter, let me count the ways ....

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Open door (1) Thoughts series ... Prose poem

Sometimes when I'm searching for images on the web, I run into one that speak volumes to me,
 because it reminds me of a piece of my own life. This is one of those images...

Mind crowds with thoughts,
Body unrest in stature, perceive across  the surface of my face

Your presence hover in front of me,
Your voice calm in silence,
While fingertips tenderly ease through the density of my hair

Silence surrounds your body origin,
Calm is in your touch,
As our bodies embrace, voices speak speechlessly

My fingers aimlessly roam across the softness of your backside,
Calming the edginess of my nerves,
My head rest against your body, letting the load on my shoulders be lifted,
My thoughts slowly fades into the vastness of your silence,
While the inner rage and turmoil fighting inside me is let go,
Opening the door of my soul, so it can walk out into the calm of your love,
Leaving me with a body of sanctuary, full of inner peace ....

Thanks LC ....
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Stay ..... Prose poem ....

Strong, muscular, agile, docile, covered with human flesh,
When closed:
Your protector to hide inside, when you are afraid,
Your haven, when your mind becomes confused, tears consume your eyes, 
Your lover, when you have the urge to be loved,
Your friend, when you just want to be held tight for no reason, but your own

When you need your freedom to play, 
When your mind needs to run away,
To see the morning light of day,
To let the warmth of the sun, warm your soul,
To seek the love inside my heart, for you

Always there... 
When you decide you need them to stay...

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