Friday, January 24, 2014

The weakness in me ...... Prose poetry .....

From the day I was man born, 
It was instilled into me to be man strong:
Strong in the mind,
Strong in the arms,
Strong shouldered to carry life burdens,
Strong willed to be all I could be in my lifetime

Then came you

A woman who made me see light in the dark,
Darkness in the bright of the sun,
Feel the coolness in the hot summer breeze,
Feel heat, on the coldest of dark nights

You have become the woman who made me weak:
Weak in my mind thoughts,
Weak in my heart

You make me laugh when I don't want too,
You make me reflect on the good in my life, while letting go of the bad,
You helped me learn patients, when I no longer have none, 
You taught me to forget, while forgiving those who trespass against me

You are truly the weakness in me,
A weakness I call by name,

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  1. I love that you were able to write two wonderful but different poems inspired from the song. Great job!

  2. Okay you have totally out done yourself am visualising and encapsulating the feelings. I am on board with the last sentence.

    "You are truly the weakness in me,
    A weakness I call by name,
     Love "

    1. Thank you as always, :)


  3. I love this. The emotion in it calls to something in me... Too few men understand the value of revealing their vulnerabilities in love. If it's real love, you should be all the stronger for embracing and sharing that weakness with someone equally bared to you.

    1. :) :) Thank you, It use to be that quiet made us strong. Showing and doing was want we were taught. But today to be understood, we must speak out. It wasn't until I started to write did she understand what was inside me. I still don't say enough, but what can I say, old habits are hard to break, but writing is a start...


  4. I am glad I don't have to pick one stanza over the other because I like them all. Very nicely done.

  5. A humble thank you plain observer .....

    peace and love