Thursday, December 24, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Your love is .... Prose poem (Thought series)

Your love is like a breath of fresh air...

Touchable -           ( But unable to grasp with your fingers, yet hold it within 
                                 your heart )

Invisible -               ( Only to the naked eye, but not to the soul)

Silent  -                  ( To ones ears, not ones heart)

Odorless -              (But at times, very pungent)

Tasteless -            ( Yet ungodly sweet)

Come out of nowhere -             (But always around when you need it)

Refreshing to the soul -             (Always changing - for the better)

Can't live without -                    (Not even those with the strongest of hearts)

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Refreshing... Prose poem

If love had a taste
It would have the taste of you...

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Home ... Thought series ....Prose poem ...

Whenever I start to feel lonely

I think of home

Because home is where I belong

Home is where I share love

The love of  you and I...

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Merit ... Thoughts series .. Musing ...

It's hard to find a love,
That will love you the same,
But with you I have found a love, 
That's more then I deserve ....

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Beyond Valentine day... Musing

Our love is beyond the comprehension of Valentine day, 
or any other day the world deem special,
Because our love is just that,

Only a special love could endure the things life has put us through,
From heartship, pain, Turmoil, 
Yet each time we have overcome all of life obstacles,
Because of the special bond we have,
A bond of true love

We disagree,
We raise our voices,
We shed tears,
We hug

Yet the important part of our life stay the same, 
And that's our love for one another,
A love we lean on when things go wrong,
The same love we rejoice in, when life smooth sailing is bestowed upon us,
How can I ask you to be my Valentine,
When your heart and soul is already mine,
Leaving you with nothing else to give,
And that's alright with me, 
Because that means I already have the best of you,
And having the best of you, 
Is all this one man can ask for

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Sketchbook of thoughts ... Musing ...

Many years,
You have been gone,
But my tears still get in the way,
Of seeing the paper and pen,
Come together in one clear thought of you

So I write through blurred vision and muddled thoughts,
Of the person who brought me life,
Life not only as a human being,
But as a true substance of life,
That was worth being created in your behalf

You were a strong woman,
So thoughts of your life ending way to early for my liking,
Never entered my mind thoughts,
Even when I knew the inevitable, that your being wouldn't be here to share with me anymore,
In this world of uncertainty 

Love one's dying is unkind to the living,
Because the living has to dwell the rest of their existence without...
But without is the catalyst for the living,
Because you know one day,
You will no longer be among the living,
You will be with the uncertainty of the dead

Why do people die?
Why do we all have to die?
We all ask knowing that without dying,
Living wouldn't be a such a precious gift,
A gift most of us squander one way or another,
Because we don't dwell on dying, 
Yet knowing, tomorrow could bring life ending

It sadden me that life took away such a beautiful person,
Yet left so many not worthy of God's precious gift of life,
Still breathe on this earth

Why I started this piece I don't know,
Maybe because of a unknown feeling inside that just needed to be fulfilled,
And thoughts of you always fill me

I didn't plan to wake up this morning with thoughts of you, 
That would bring tears flowing from my eyes,
Especially after being brought up with your words "men don't cry"
Yet I had to become a man to realize what you meant was men don't cry over life diversities,
But do cry over tragedies of life

Today the winter air is cold,
But the sky is crystal clear and blue,
The warmth of the sun shines through all things of flesh and material,
A great day to think about that special someone like you,
Who taught me what things are important about in life,
And number one, was the love of family...

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stolen.. .. Musing ... (Thought series)

Unsanction kiss,

Gingerly press against the side of her neck flesh,

Her body writhe,

Her voice release an unexpected sigh, 

A captivated smile reside on her face,

After my Lips softly withdraw, and I walk away,

My kiss of love, stayed....

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