Saturday, December 19, 2015

Your love is .... Prose poem (Thought series)

Your love is like a breath of fresh air...

Touchable -           ( But unable to grasp with your fingers, yet hold it within 
                                 your heart )

Invisible -               ( Only to the naked eye, but not to the soul)

Silent  -                  ( To ones ears, not ones heart)

Odorless -              (But at times, very pungent)

Tasteless -            ( Yet ungodly sweet)

Come out of nowhere -             (But always around when you need it)

Refreshing to the soul -             (Always changing - for the better)

Can't live without -                    (Not even those with the strongest of hearts)

1Manview © 11-26– 2016


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    1. Thank you shadow
      Happy holidays to you...

      peace and love