Friday, July 31, 2009

First Love.. Prose Poem

His finger softy strums my face like a Spanish guitar
Vibrations radiate down my flesh, as his fingertips embrace my face
On a downward tilt his head slowly moves
Eyes connect, emotions race
As my eyes close, I can feel his lips caress mine
Head turns, eyes close tight, lips gently part, a sigh escape my throat, a moan escapes his
A quick breath, a deeper kiss, bodies embrace tighter
We exhale... to the unknown territory of pure love

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Serenity ...... Prose poem ......

Calm, is the wind
The morning sun has relinquished its space to the moonlight
The moon drops by to say hello as it soaks in the cool, dark, blue water of the sea
I lie on my cot looking at the stars and visualize your lovely face, painted in the sky
Everything here reminds me of you
The tranquility of the waves, is the same tranquility, you put into my soul
The peaceful rocking of the boat, seems to rock in time, with the peace, you have put in my heart
The twinkling of the stars is no match for the twinkle in your eyes, especially after we have engaged in our passionate, game of love
Being out here I feel like I'm inside a floating sanctuary, just like I feel, when I'm floating deep inside of you
When the calm wind ease pass my skin, it reminds me of your light feathery touch, and the calm of inner peace, you bring to me
The dark glistering sky is nothing more, than a replica of the color of your dark silky hair
The damp air reminds me of the cool damp breaths, you gently blow across my flesh, after your tongue has tested and tasted my skin texture, and of its flavor
Even when I glide my hand over the water top, I think of you
I think of the smoothness of your soft skin, the feel of your loving sweat, as you lay breathless, next to me
I know now why, I so love, being out to sea
Because it's nothing but a perfect reflection, of the love of you, you have put inside of me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Soul Mate .... Prose Poem

His long, deep, sweet, kiss, makes my legs tremble

The touch of his tongue on mines leaves me breathless

His firm, warm, embrace leaves my knees weak with anticipation

My heart race, while his love beats on it like it was a drum

His first touch melts all my mind intentions

His second touch makes my body melt

His last touch leaves the being of me, surrounded with his tender love

The same tender love, he touches me with everyday

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cried Out ... Prose Poem

It's a dark gloomy day; the air is heavy with the feel of dew
Your face had became nothing but a memory, but for a split second, it was a blur
After all this time, I thought I was over you
But now I see you again, face to face
I smiled; you smiled, as we walked our separate ways
As I walked away, I felt rain drops running down my face, as my hands extended in the air to feel the softness of it, I realize it wasn't raining from the sky, but raining from the memory of you breaking my heart was flooding my eyes
All the bad memories of a one-sided love affair had trickle back into my memory
The pain was back in my bones, the heaviness was back in my heart, the memory of deception filled my head with angered-grief
Then the remembrance of the pleasure your touch brought me was felt, the feel of the pillow softness of you flesh texture
The way you kissed me like you missed me every second we were apart tingle on my lips
The captured memory of your flesh intertwine with mine, as we sipped on expensive red wine in front of the fireplace
How my body cringed from your fingertips raking through my hair, raining goose bumps down my spine
Then there was the slow dance, bodies grinding in the candlelight, thighs rubbing on each other as tongues seek a warmer place to hide as my hand pushed your dampen panties down
My fingertips sliding down your flat stomach, then you called out his name as they touched your sacred place
The horrid look of deceit was on your face, the lies to cover up lies poured out the other side of your face
The begging, the fake "I'm sorry," the “it was only sex”, the misuse of the words, "I love only you," and the feel of my soul dying a slow death deep inside me
A crack of lightening crosses the sky; the rain comes down in a deluge, covering the tears that flooded from my eyes...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Closeness ... Word and Picture Association Poem..

This poem was written for a poetry site, by using he word "Closeness" and this picture

Hold me
Hold me even closer
Hear my heart speak out as our flesh touch
Feel my flesh on your flesh
Feel my wanting lips caress the fullness of your lips
Not only do I want to feel every inch of your silky soft flesh
But I want to feel the inner being of you
I want to feel your soul next to mine
I want every thought in your mind to be in rhythm with mines
And stay in rhythm until the end of our time
I’m feeling weak as my lust of you, tries to over ride my love
But without our closeness, love nor the lust of our love would never speak to my heart, and tell me your the only one I'll ever need
The only one to carry and cherish my inner seed
The only one who can free my desires
Your touch has burn a love so deep in my heart, my heart pumps out blood, filled with fire
Your touch of love, has our hearts beating as one
Your touch has taken all of me, and consumes the being I was
And has made a better men of me, by making me a men who is truly loved
It has made my soul brighter then the sun
Taken my soul on a love journey higher then the sky
All it took was that first touch of love
To let me know, you are the one, my inner strength, the love beacon of my life
You are my first, my last, my only love...