Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Closeness ... Word and Picture Association Poem..

This poem was written for a poetry site, by using he word "Closeness" and this picture

Hold me
Hold me even closer
Hear my heart speak out as our flesh touch
Feel my flesh on your flesh
Feel my wanting lips caress the fullness of your lips
Not only do I want to feel every inch of your silky soft flesh
But I want to feel the inner being of you
I want to feel your soul next to mine
I want every thought in your mind to be in rhythm with mines
And stay in rhythm until the end of our time
I’m feeling weak as my lust of you, tries to over ride my love
But without our closeness, love nor the lust of our love would never speak to my heart, and tell me your the only one I'll ever need
The only one to carry and cherish my inner seed
The only one who can free my desires
Your touch has burn a love so deep in my heart, my heart pumps out blood, filled with fire
Your touch of love, has our hearts beating as one
Your touch has taken all of me, and consumes the being I was
And has made a better men of me, by making me a men who is truly loved
It has made my soul brighter then the sun
Taken my soul on a love journey higher then the sky
All it took was that first touch of love
To let me know, you are the one, my inner strength, the love beacon of my life
You are my first, my last, my only love...


  1. I appreciate your comment Gray...

  2. Very powerful poem. Very well written!

  3. I appreciate your comment Ailurophile, and thanks for stopping in...