Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Treasure .. Picture Poem

A slow lazy like wake, crawls across the lake clear blue surface
Reflecting all the beauty that surrounds it
The peaks and valleys of the mountains, the silhouette of the song birds, as they fly and fill the air with their sweet soothing love songs
As the vibrant green color of the tress, slowly lean with the north wind,
The blue of Gods sky, with patches of white clouds, heightens its beauty
The reflection of the sun, and it's warming rays bouncing off the water surface, bringing warmth that penetrates so deep, it feels like it touches your inner soul
But with all Gods wonderful creations, he did his best in the creation of you
Just like the lake wake, your outer beauty reflects all that's good that surrounds you
Your inner being is what makes you so beautiful
It pores from within and beams thru me, all the way to my soul, filling me with rays of your love
Your love touch me like the north wind, refreshing my will to go through everyday tolls
Your innocence reflex off your body, for all the world to see, and all that see it, stare at you with envy
Your touch makes my blood boil with desire, filling my heart with love hotter then molten fire
Your voice sings to me like a morning songbird, bringing a calm to my life
How could a man be so lucky to have someone like you for a wife?
I stand her marveling at Gods best creation, thanking him for letting me be the one,
To be bestowed with his highest of all treasure, the keeper of your love


  1. Não corra atrás das borboletas !

    Plante uma flor em seu jardim e

    todas as borboletas virão até ela !

    Bom fim de semana
    um beijo

  2. very very beautiful...good week end...kisses.

  3. A felicidade é como uma borboleta. Quanto mais você a persegue, mais ela se esquiva. Mas se você voltar sua atenção para outras coisas ela virá pousar calmamente nos seus ombros.
    Boa semana

  4. Thank you everyone, I appreciate the comments...