Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunburned ... Prose poem ... ( Written For A Friend )

I can see clearly know
Where my heart was, there's now a hole
Empty, silent, the pain is now bearable
In the still of the new night, I watch the moon rise
The burning sun has long settle out of sight
The cool calm of the wind, gently blows across my flesh
Slowly easing my pain, soothing my soul, as it caress my flesh in this passing moment
My thoughts are not of you, but of me
My love you lost, my thrust you'll never have anymore, my touch you'll never feel again
I lost nothing but a bad memory of suffering
You were suppose to feel my heart with kindness and admiration
But instead, you stole what was left in reserve
Filled your stomach with affection, fulfilled your appetite of lust, while holding my love captive
Now you are a memory, a memory like an ocean wake
that crashes into the shore, then it slowly dissipates, while another one comes, and replaces it
Your memory can't overshadow the one before you, and it won't compare to the one after you
Now with my mind at ease, I’ll just have to sit here and wait
Wait for your memory to dissipate, then catch the next wave, of true love


  1. Very very beautiful....

  2. Erotico, Sensual lindo de verdade
    sempre sua amiga
    um beijo

  3. A primeira frase lembra-me uma musica lindíssima...

  4. Everson Russo, Obrigado por visitar o meu blog, e deixar um comentário ..

  5. Princesa, como sempre, obrigado ..

  6. Luna, Obrigada pelo maravilhoso comentário ..