Sunday, June 7, 2009

Musical Slumber ... Prose Poem

Quiet, soft, just above a whisper you breathe, laying still next to me, peacefully laying on your side 
Wrapped in my loving arms, holding you from behind 
My hand holds on your soft warm breast, while giving it a loving gentle caress 
I hear and feel the music of your silent sleep, as you rest while in peace 
Believing in me that I will protect you, from all harm and dangers as you sleep 
A sign of your upmost respect, as you slumber in your sleep very deep 
A lethargic heartbeat is felt on my hands, beating in rhythm of your quiet breathing 
Like a bass drum, it keeps everything in time with the rest of your body's music 
Up then down your chest keeps in time, as my ear tune in to your inner song of love trust 
Gravity pulls my hat to the floor, breaking the silence in the room 
Your body orchestra stops as you curl into my body tighter to see if your protector is still there 
My hand grips your breast tighter, letting you know I'm here for you 
Your body relax and your orchestra picks back up, the tune that it was playing 
I tune in once again and once I feel that everything has fallen back into rhythm, my body falls asleep and plays alone with your body's musical song 


  1. "Somos todos viajantes pelas agruras do mundo, e o melhor que podemos achar em nossas viagens é um amigo honesto."

    uma boa semana

  2. I also enjoy beeing embrassed behind ...

    Beautifull :)

  3. Doce silêncio de amor. O abraço da cumplicidade.
    Bj de Lua Cheia

  4. "A verdadeira amizade deixa marcas positivas que o tempo jamais poderá apagar."

    um bom dia