Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Delight

Under the Xmas tree so delicate and small

You could barely see her between the big presents as she gingerly crawled

Not knowing this was a special day, not only for her but for us all

Daddy's first born was mesmerized, by all the colorful packages, so pretty and tall

One by one she pushed them, and watched them tumble and fall

Laughing out loud, this little girl was just having a ball

Her daddy watching and laughing, taking pictures while he hid in the hall

Taking precious pictures of his first born first Xmas, for us all to be able to recall

Mommy hands daddy's little girl her first present and tried to show her how to get it unwrapped

At first, she just smiles and watches, because she thought this has to be a trap

Because, all the times before, when she tore open a box she heard the words," stop it, you little rat"

With an I'm innocent look; she looks at me like, "hey daddy", you and mommy need to have a little chat

Once coached on how to tear open the bright pretty box

This little rascal opened them all, like an old skillful, gray fox

She never stopped, until she came to my new pair of navy blue socks

She test tasted them, but by the look on her face, they must have tasted, like a dirty rock

After she had them all opened, she didn't know quite what to do

So she started playing, with her mothers worn out pair of blue house shoes

I handed her a new doll, shaped like a baby kitty cat

But her favorite first Xmas toy, was her mothers old, worn out brown hat.

My next best Xmas, was after my second child was born

I recall it well, that's when my wife must have lost her mind, by buying our first born, her first musical horn

Now, who would even thought, a six-month-old child, would know how, not to share

The more we tried to make her, the more she showed us, she didn't really care

This holiday is the celebration of Jesus first born day

But please, don't forget about all your glorious past holidays

They all are special, in their own unique way

And that is all; this 1man has to say...

Happy Holidays ... Peace Be Still ... 1manview ...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kiss.... Oddquain Poem


Moisten lips

Embrace as if one

Sweet Tantalizing Feeling


Oddquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem

consisting of seventeen syllables distributed 1, 3, 5, 7, 1 in five lines

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sun stroked ....... Prose poem

(This Picture and Poem was inspire by LIANE post)

While the warmth of the morning sun penetrates my flesh

The darkness of the night clouds my mind

The words ponder, wonder, hate, love, floats through the darkness that dwells within

Loneliness, unhappiness, drifts silently into the darkness

Memories of what was, and memories of what is, collide in the darkness like two comets roaming the vastness of the universe, momentarily bombarding my mind with light

Words like I will, I must comes to light, but it is soon consumed by the cloud of darkness

My mind ponders on if anyone feels my pain

Knows my wants

Knows my needs

Or even care about the persona of me

After my ears hear my lungs exhale a brief sigh, my mind reflects on why should they, after all, it’s my pain, a pain most of us endure at one time or another in our pathetic life

As the heat of the sun penetrates my outer flesh and warm my inner soul, my mind remembers the times I was loved, the time someone cared, the times my needs were fulfilled..

The sound of a door opening heeded my eyes

They focus on a small wonder of the word that was curiously standing there, eager to learn, eager to love

The dark clouds in my mind dissipates, as a brighter day embrace me…

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The moon surface beamed of glowing white, with a halo of yellow haze floating around it

The sky was the hue of darken blue, highlighted with distance stars twinkling in the background

The wind was calm, so calm it was as if it was completely still; the leaves in the trees rested while the world came to a hush, as two wondering spirits finally met

As they greeted, the spirit of their naked flesh touch, their hearts raced, their minds of complex thoughts turned to its six senses to appreciate what was about to transpire between their wondering souls

Two souls that had been lost in the vastness of the universe, two souls who voices was founded by the wind; the same two voices the wind echoed into the darkness of the night to all the lost souls in the universe, letting the lonely souls lurking in the darkness know there was somebody out there listening, hoping, wanting, waiting, to have their dreams of being loved fulfill.

Their echoes of love had been heard by millions, as their soft words of endearment whispered from afar into the darkness of the night wind

But tonight, they will meet for the first time; joined together as one, to share the love that has been locked up deep inside the weariness of their souls

Her touch was the first to be felt, it ease across the naked flesh of his chest, then eased upward across the softness of his cheek

His eyes close as his mind let the sensations rush inside him, the endearment of the warm sensations caused his eyes to weep in joy, as the feel of love touch his heart for the very first time

Her eyes mist, as they watched his tears of joy weep down his face, her fingertips gently swept them away, then tenderly pulled his face into a soft, moist kiss

Her legs forsaken her as his lips embraced hers with the heat of the burning sun, heat that was pure love rushing from his heart, running deliriously through her soul

Arms embrace each other as their bodies flesh melted into the body of one love

Like the calm summer night breeze, his voice whisper the words of love from the depths of his soul into her ears

She had heard the words before, but always from afar, but this time she would hear them coming directly from his lips as they left his heart, and not after they were carried by the night wind

They were words of love that she would only hear

After his words was spoken, their lips embrace again, and again the kiss was burning hot, but also bitter sweet, a sweetness sweeter then bees honey

After tasting the love of his sweet kisses, her lips smiled, her eyes cried, her heart ached in love passion, all while her lungs inhaled his essence

Again their arms intertwine, their souls became the love of one's

Like a flower in the morning light, their souls slowly opened and spilled their forever love into the warm, dark night air

Time and distance was now just a memory, because time and distance would never be between them again

The moon was a bright white, the sky was the hue of darken blue, highlighted with distance stars twinkling in the background

The wind was lightly breezing, spreading the truth of true love across the vastness of the universe

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Godsend ............ Prose Poem ..........

Lighter then a single snowflake, floating in a light breeze, your love floated slowly around me, while consuming the being of one
Like a single red rose, slowly opening as the sun peaks, our love bloomed as our friendship turned into forever intimate partners, whose love slowly bloomed into a showy masterpiece, like a cluster of bright red roses Your love has fallen deeper and wider then an ocean into my soul, captivating all of me, from the inside out, touching every fiber, every molecule, of one being… Hours, turned into days, days, turned into months, months, turned into years, but your love has always stayed, like the Cosmo Stars above Your loving touch, touches me like nothing else on this earth, this is why I say your love had to be sent from the heavens above, and tailor made by Gods own hands, just for the being of me...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spirit....... Rhymes Poem

High on a bridge she sits and waits

And while she waits, she anticipates

Waiting for him to turn from a sprit to mortal flesh

So they can put a love hotter then the sun, to the test

Like the howl of the wolf is carried by the wind

Her soul travels through his vines, where their love will blend

So every time the sun rises and shines

She'll always be there, putting her love on his mind

Never again in her heart will she feel sadness

While living in this world of unhappiness and madness

Once their lost souls intertwine

Their love for each other, will flow in their vines forever, like fine french wine

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soul Searching ........ Prose poem .....

Am I the victim or the perpetrator?
Do I wish for too much?
Or, do I accept too little?
Do I compare myself to the bright morning sun?
Or, am I really the evil one, that lurks in the dark?
Is wanting what one will not, or can't give, a good reason to leave?
Or should I stay, and live a life that drags one into more of life misery?
Want it, or not, that's the real question

This poem was written a long time ago, put it reflects the inner me...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Transcend Sunset ...

Looking through the front screen door, watching the sun as it settles with a glowing, red haze, a color that tells me that the summer days are now numbered
My mind slips into its hush mold, as my eyes transfix on the slow, descent of the sun
My ears tune into the sound of the peaceful hush, that surrounds me
My heart beats slowly to a crawl, matching the calm that surrounds me
A tingle on my cheek momentary interrupts the space I have chosen, but its warmth, puts my mind back at peace, as this touch lingers
A touch of a warm kiss, from her tender loving lips has been bestowed upon me
My eyes close, as the kiss touching warmth, be-still my heart
Now, I feel the touch of her soft cheek next to mine, which seems to make my mind flow as slow as the setting sun
A warm glow seeps through my shirt where she has laid her hand on my side
The warmth of her touch seeps slowly through my skin,
and transfers through my veins, which travels up to my heart,
were the warmth of her touch surrounds it
Seemly in a time warp cadence, our heads slowly turn, our lips slowly, tenderly, and softly meet
An instant rush of warm electricity runs up to my mind,
tingling every nerve ending to the point that all I can think of is her
The heat of her kiss burns all other images out of my mind, except the image of her inner beauty, the warmth of her touch, the warmth of her being, the warmth of her essence
As our lips keep their embrace, the fieriness of her endeared kiss travels down my spine, leaving a steaming trail down the middle of my back
After a slow lingering turn, like a heat seeking missile her kiss searing touch, shoots towards my heart, penetrating its outer layers, exploding inside and completely filling it with her loving warmth
For an instant, my heart skips a beat, then gallops like a thoroughbred, pumping the warmth of the fiery touch of her lips, throughout my entire body
Not stopping until her undeniable warmth has touched everything in its path, warming me from the inside out, until my whole body glows with the warmth, of her adoring essence
Our kiss transcends...
Seemingly still in slow motion, our warm bodies touch softly; as we watch the sun slowly set, turning the sky into a tranquil hush

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oral Delight (None Erotic)

The sound of her voice softly echoes in the room
The soft feel of its tone when she says I love you
The soothing feel of, I'm so sorry as it past her lips...
He quiet laugh means, it brought her joy
Her loud laugh means, I’m acting a fool
Her tones of resentment
Her tones of understanding
Her many tones of love and intimacy...
She has a sigh for relief
A sigh of anger
A sigh for, I'm confused
A sign for, you better not
A sigh for disappointment
A sigh for, you’re silly
A sigh for, I don't know what to say, but I'm here for you
Her voice has a certain tone she only uses it when she really truly miss me, and only me
Last, but not least, a tone I'll never get enough of, the silent tone of, "You really touched my heart"…
She is, My Oral Delight

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hope Undone (always Hope) ... Picture Poem

I wake up at night and see your body lying next to mines
But I know in my heart, when the sun would rise, you still won't know the color of my eyes
Live alone unloved, or live with someone not loved is really just the same factor
The only real difference, is there's one more body to clean after
I thought a family as one, would make me feel like something
But how can I feel like something, when being with you, makes me feel even more like nothing
My soul cry's out, for all the right answers
As my mind tries to clear itself, from this life killing cancer
Up and down, my world spins like a top
Is there no end to my misery, Damn.. This hell has to stop
I cry a river, trying to ease my mental pain
But I know when I wake up tomorrow; my live will be exactly the same
Despair must leave; I must cling to the glory of hope
Because when God has clearly seen, my soul can't bare anymore
He'll slowly cleanse my life, with the Holy Ghost of healing soap
I hope the Lord hear my pleas, before despair has finally won
Come rescue my wreckage soul, before my mind comes completely undone

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love Letter 2 ..... Prose Poem ......

While I think about writing you a love letter, my pen just sits next to my hand

But how does a person write his deepest and most intimate feelings on a mere piece of paper

How does he write about loving someone so strongly, it fuels his deepest inspirations, it turns dark nights into glories days, just thinking about her

How do I tell you, how your soft touch makes my skin cringe with excitement and at the same time, it leaves a sensual endearment of love

How your tender sweet kisses makes my body stop in time, and just looking at you sitting at the table, fills my heart with endless love, while making my body envy itself

Sounds strange... But it's true...

My hands envy my eyes because they can only feel your softness, but not like my eyes, they can not see the reaction you have to my loving caresses, the smile it puts on your face

My lips envy my hands, although they can fill your soft kisses, and they can make your flesh melt from their touch, they can only touch one spot of your soft flesh at a time, and not like the hands, that can bombard your flesh with tender touches all over your body at once

My heart envies my mind, because my mind can see the beauty of you with the help of my eyes, it can feel the softness of you, with the help of my hands, it can hear your voice whisper, "I love you", with the help of my ears, it can feel the love flowing through me, with the help of my heart

But at last, my mind envies my heart, because that is where the love of you starts, were it flows through my vanes, until it penetrates my soul

Because without that love, my mind knows, it could not see, it could not feel, it could not hear the love, that makes the soft beats of my heart…

And this is why, the pen lies next to my hand, as my hand envies my lips, deeply caressing yours...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love Letter .......... Prose Poem

I awaken his morning feeling alone
My arms are stretched out, but no one is there
The feel of the warmth generated from your body eludes my touch
The softness of your flesh is now just a memory
The essence of you is no longer beside me
But as my body rolls over, and my eyes slowly opens, the lingering scent of you flows inside my nostrils, triggering the deep love and affection I have for you
A love and affection that has lasted through the times of life tribulations, life sorrows, life joys
A roller coaster ride of life, that has left my heart full of satisfaction, gratitude and a divine love
Even if my eyes were never to see you again, the essence of my love for you would never die
My mind knows you are standing just behind the open bedroom door, but I still sit here feeling lonely for you, because my heart has become spoiled from the generosity of love your heart has showered upon me over the years of my being
A Being that has entwine with yours as one for such a long time
A love my heart knows, that will last for the rest of the duration of our lives
I love you my dearest, and I will never stop loving you, not even after the last beat of my heart...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Consented ... Haiku Poem

Bare flesh, warm and soft

Consternation of the flesh

Desire, extinguished..

Friday, July 31, 2009

First Love.. Prose Poem

His finger softy strums my face like a Spanish guitar
Vibrations radiate down my flesh, as his fingertips embrace my face
On a downward tilt his head slowly moves
Eyes connect, emotions race
As my eyes close, I can feel his lips caress mine
Head turns, eyes close tight, lips gently part, a sigh escape my throat, a moan escapes his
A quick breath, a deeper kiss, bodies embrace tighter
We exhale... to the unknown territory of pure love

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Serenity ...... Prose poem ......

Calm, is the wind
The morning sun has relinquished its space to the moonlight
The moon drops by to say hello as it soaks in the cool, dark, blue water of the sea
I lie on my cot looking at the stars and visualize your lovely face, painted in the sky
Everything here reminds me of you
The tranquility of the waves, is the same tranquility, you put into my soul
The peaceful rocking of the boat, seems to rock in time, with the peace, you have put in my heart
The twinkling of the stars is no match for the twinkle in your eyes, especially after we have engaged in our passionate, game of love
Being out here I feel like I'm inside a floating sanctuary, just like I feel, when I'm floating deep inside of you
When the calm wind ease pass my skin, it reminds me of your light feathery touch, and the calm of inner peace, you bring to me
The dark glistering sky is nothing more, than a replica of the color of your dark silky hair
The damp air reminds me of the cool damp breaths, you gently blow across my flesh, after your tongue has tested and tasted my skin texture, and of its flavor
Even when I glide my hand over the water top, I think of you
I think of the smoothness of your soft skin, the feel of your loving sweat, as you lay breathless, next to me
I know now why, I so love, being out to sea
Because it's nothing but a perfect reflection, of the love of you, you have put inside of me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Soul Mate .... Prose Poem

His long, deep, sweet, kiss, makes my legs tremble

The touch of his tongue on mines leaves me breathless

His firm, warm, embrace leaves my knees weak with anticipation

My heart race, while his love beats on it like it was a drum

His first touch melts all my mind intentions

His second touch makes my body melt

His last touch leaves the being of me, surrounded with his tender love

The same tender love, he touches me with everyday

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cried Out ... Prose Poem

It's a dark gloomy day; the air is heavy with the feel of dew
Your face had became nothing but a memory, but for a split second, it was a blur
After all this time, I thought I was over you
But now I see you again, face to face
I smiled; you smiled, as we walked our separate ways
As I walked away, I felt rain drops running down my face, as my hands extended in the air to feel the softness of it, I realize it wasn't raining from the sky, but raining from the memory of you breaking my heart was flooding my eyes
All the bad memories of a one-sided love affair had trickle back into my memory
The pain was back in my bones, the heaviness was back in my heart, the memory of deception filled my head with angered-grief
Then the remembrance of the pleasure your touch brought me was felt, the feel of the pillow softness of you flesh texture
The way you kissed me like you missed me every second we were apart tingle on my lips
The captured memory of your flesh intertwine with mine, as we sipped on expensive red wine in front of the fireplace
How my body cringed from your fingertips raking through my hair, raining goose bumps down my spine
Then there was the slow dance, bodies grinding in the candlelight, thighs rubbing on each other as tongues seek a warmer place to hide as my hand pushed your dampen panties down
My fingertips sliding down your flat stomach, then you called out his name as they touched your sacred place
The horrid look of deceit was on your face, the lies to cover up lies poured out the other side of your face
The begging, the fake "I'm sorry," the “it was only sex”, the misuse of the words, "I love only you," and the feel of my soul dying a slow death deep inside me
A crack of lightening crosses the sky; the rain comes down in a deluge, covering the tears that flooded from my eyes...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Closeness ... Word and Picture Association Poem..

This poem was written for a poetry site, by using he word "Closeness" and this picture

Hold me
Hold me even closer
Hear my heart speak out as our flesh touch
Feel my flesh on your flesh
Feel my wanting lips caress the fullness of your lips
Not only do I want to feel every inch of your silky soft flesh
But I want to feel the inner being of you
I want to feel your soul next to mine
I want every thought in your mind to be in rhythm with mines
And stay in rhythm until the end of our time
I’m feeling weak as my lust of you, tries to over ride my love
But without our closeness, love nor the lust of our love would never speak to my heart, and tell me your the only one I'll ever need
The only one to carry and cherish my inner seed
The only one who can free my desires
Your touch has burn a love so deep in my heart, my heart pumps out blood, filled with fire
Your touch of love, has our hearts beating as one
Your touch has taken all of me, and consumes the being I was
And has made a better men of me, by making me a men who is truly loved
It has made my soul brighter then the sun
Taken my soul on a love journey higher then the sky
All it took was that first touch of love
To let me know, you are the one, my inner strength, the love beacon of my life
You are my first, my last, my only love...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Treasure .. Picture Poem

A slow lazy like wake, crawls across the lake clear blue surface
Reflecting all the beauty that surrounds it
The peaks and valleys of the mountains, the silhouette of the song birds, as they fly and fill the air with their sweet soothing love songs
As the vibrant green color of the tress, slowly lean with the north wind,
The blue of Gods sky, with patches of white clouds, heightens its beauty
The reflection of the sun, and it's warming rays bouncing off the water surface, bringing warmth that penetrates so deep, it feels like it touches your inner soul
But with all Gods wonderful creations, he did his best in the creation of you
Just like the lake wake, your outer beauty reflects all that's good that surrounds you
Your inner being is what makes you so beautiful
It pores from within and beams thru me, all the way to my soul, filling me with rays of your love
Your love touch me like the north wind, refreshing my will to go through everyday tolls
Your innocence reflex off your body, for all the world to see, and all that see it, stare at you with envy
Your touch makes my blood boil with desire, filling my heart with love hotter then molten fire
Your voice sings to me like a morning songbird, bringing a calm to my life
How could a man be so lucky to have someone like you for a wife?
I stand her marveling at Gods best creation, thanking him for letting me be the one,
To be bestowed with his highest of all treasure, the keeper of your love

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Devotion ... A Clerihew Style Poem ....

This poem was written by Miss Terry and 1manview Inspired by Miss Terry Kindness

Standing beside you in the warmth of the day
Knowing that you are always going to stay
Watching you breath this winter's night air
Hoping that love is going to be fair

Because, before my heart was in despair
It was given to another who didn't care
Then came your love that was so big and true
Making my heart beat once again, like new

Like a gift from heaven you were bestowed
Making my heartbeat forever steady and slow
You have given me a love like I have never had before
Finally setting my restless soul free, so it can soar....

Clerihew is a comic verse consisting of two couplets and a specific rhyming scheme, usually aabb.
The poem is about/deals with a person/character within the first rhyme.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunburned ... Prose poem ... ( Written For A Friend )

I can see clearly know
Where my heart was, there's now a hole
Empty, silent, the pain is now bearable
In the still of the new night, I watch the moon rise
The burning sun has long settle out of sight
The cool calm of the wind, gently blows across my flesh
Slowly easing my pain, soothing my soul, as it caress my flesh in this passing moment
My thoughts are not of you, but of me
My love you lost, my thrust you'll never have anymore, my touch you'll never feel again
I lost nothing but a bad memory of suffering
You were suppose to feel my heart with kindness and admiration
But instead, you stole what was left in reserve
Filled your stomach with affection, fulfilled your appetite of lust, while holding my love captive
Now you are a memory, a memory like an ocean wake
that crashes into the shore, then it slowly dissipates, while another one comes, and replaces it
Your memory can't overshadow the one before you, and it won't compare to the one after you
Now with my mind at ease, I’ll just have to sit here and wait
Wait for your memory to dissipate, then catch the next wave, of true love

Monday, June 15, 2009

Surrender ... Tanka Poem ...

Surrender to me 

Every soft beat of your heart 

Fill it with my love 

Let it touch your lonesome soul 

While making both of us whole

Tanka is a Japanese poetry type of five lines, the first and third composed of five syllables and the rest of seven. Tanka is the oldest type of poetry in Japan.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Revelation 2 (I feel).. Prose Poem

I stand in the shadows, hiding the being of me. I feel you thoughts, I see you reaching out.. I want to give you all you need, which in turn, will pull both our souls into the light of day... 
I imagine the softness of you lips, deeply meshing on mines, and the curvature of your soft flesh, under the tip of my fingers 
Now my mind envisions a deep embrace, impaling the firmness of your bosom into the hardness of my chest 
Your soft breathe whispering on my flesh… Your womanly scent enticing my mind, as our eyes meet in a deep stare, joining our minds thoughts into that of one 
Surrender is not what I want, but absolute of the mind is want I need 
I do not wish to lead, nor do I wish to follow, but I need to feel us as one, so the being of me can come out the shadows, so it can be shared with the being of you, in the basking sunlight..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Musical Slumber ... Prose Poem

Quiet, soft, just above a whisper you breathe, laying still next to me, peacefully laying on your side 
Wrapped in my loving arms, holding you from behind 
My hand holds on your soft warm breast, while giving it a loving gentle caress 
I hear and feel the music of your silent sleep, as you rest while in peace 
Believing in me that I will protect you, from all harm and dangers as you sleep 
A sign of your upmost respect, as you slumber in your sleep very deep 
A lethargic heartbeat is felt on my hands, beating in rhythm of your quiet breathing 
Like a bass drum, it keeps everything in time with the rest of your body's music 
Up then down your chest keeps in time, as my ear tune in to your inner song of love trust 
Gravity pulls my hat to the floor, breaking the silence in the room 
Your body orchestra stops as you curl into my body tighter to see if your protector is still there 
My hand grips your breast tighter, letting you know I'm here for you 
Your body relax and your orchestra picks back up, the tune that it was playing 
I tune in once again and once I feel that everything has fallen back into rhythm, my body falls asleep and plays alone with your body's musical song 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wet Dream ........ ( Oddquain Poem )

Warm cold chills
Exciting thrilling 
Exuberant, refreshing

Oddquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of seventeen syllables distributed 
1, 3, 5, 7, 1 in five lines.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Revelation ..... Repetition Poem ....

Show me...

Show me how to touch your flesh in such a way; you will never want me to stop

Show me how to kiss your lips so docile your knees buckle

Show me how to hold your hand, so you won't ever let mines go

Show me the darkest corner of your mind, so I can shower it with sunlight, so you won't ever stumble again in the dark

Show me the way to your heart,  and I will show you the way to fulfillment

Show me the way to your soul, so mines can intertwine with yours 

Show me all of your love, and I shall surrender all of mines for you to hold for eternity

Show me...

Repetition Poem: 

Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Love .. Prose Poem

His finger softy strums my face like a Spanish guitar
Vibrations radiate down my flesh, as his fingertips embrace my face
On a downward tilt his head slowly moves
Eyes connect, emotions race
As my eyes close, I can feel his lips caress mine
Head turns, eyes close tight, lips gently part, a sigh escape my throat, a moan escapes his
A quick breath, a deeper kiss, bodies embrace tighter
We exhale... to the unknown territory of pure love