Friday, September 11, 2009

Transcend Sunset ...

Looking through the front screen door, watching the sun as it settles with a glowing, red haze, a color that tells me that the summer days are now numbered
My mind slips into its hush mold, as my eyes transfix on the slow, descent of the sun
My ears tune into the sound of the peaceful hush, that surrounds me
My heart beats slowly to a crawl, matching the calm that surrounds me
A tingle on my cheek momentary interrupts the space I have chosen, but its warmth, puts my mind back at peace, as this touch lingers
A touch of a warm kiss, from her tender loving lips has been bestowed upon me
My eyes close, as the kiss touching warmth, be-still my heart
Now, I feel the touch of her soft cheek next to mine, which seems to make my mind flow as slow as the setting sun
A warm glow seeps through my shirt where she has laid her hand on my side
The warmth of her touch seeps slowly through my skin,
and transfers through my veins, which travels up to my heart,
were the warmth of her touch surrounds it
Seemly in a time warp cadence, our heads slowly turn, our lips slowly, tenderly, and softly meet
An instant rush of warm electricity runs up to my mind,
tingling every nerve ending to the point that all I can think of is her
The heat of her kiss burns all other images out of my mind, except the image of her inner beauty, the warmth of her touch, the warmth of her being, the warmth of her essence
As our lips keep their embrace, the fieriness of her endeared kiss travels down my spine, leaving a steaming trail down the middle of my back
After a slow lingering turn, like a heat seeking missile her kiss searing touch, shoots towards my heart, penetrating its outer layers, exploding inside and completely filling it with her loving warmth
For an instant, my heart skips a beat, then gallops like a thoroughbred, pumping the warmth of the fiery touch of her lips, throughout my entire body
Not stopping until her undeniable warmth has touched everything in its path, warming me from the inside out, until my whole body glows with the warmth, of her adoring essence
Our kiss transcends...
Seemingly still in slow motion, our warm bodies touch softly; as we watch the sun slowly set, turning the sky into a tranquil hush


  1. Thanks Gray, your visits are appreciated...

  2. Nancy C ... Obrigado, e tenham um ótimo dia ..
    beijos ..

  3. Above all, thanks for following me, is an honor.
    Beatiful words to describe what a kiss. Bescomes something so simple in a change of emotions and wonderful feeling. It's beatiful.
    I love yor blog, so, my most monitoring promises. I hope see you for my blog, whenever you want.
    And, sorry, but my english is no good.
    Mil besitos!!!

  4. Your touch is so soft, so delicate. A joy to read.

  5. ---------♬"O sofrimento é só   * . * . * . *
          uma ventania que arrasta as folhas secas,
            mas não destrói a beleza das flores"
          ...Com muita fé, coragem e perseverança
             a gente consegue derrubar qualquer obstáculo...
                    Acredite sempre...
           (¨`•.•´¨)  (¨`•.•´¨)         ♥
            `•.¸(¨`•.•´¨)•.¸.•´      ♥
               `•.¸.•´     ♥

    Tenha amanhã um bom dia

  6. Romantismo e poesia é a essencia do minha opiniã

  7. Somente um pessoa doce poderia descrever o amor e a paixão dessa forma...

    Adoro ler você...

    Beijos amorosos.

  8. Princesa,
    Ø Þ€Š†€ e Å Þ®ÅGÅ,

    Muito obrigado por visitar e comentar ..
    Abraços ..