Thursday, October 30, 2014

Speak your heart 2 ... Prose peom ... Musing ...

At times,
Words get stuck, 
Inside the frame of my mind

I would love to say what is on my mind,
But in a different perspective,
Other then what I have stated before

So at this particular moment,
I shall speak with the help of the feelings in my heart

The love inside my heart for you is unmeasurable,
It pulls me so close to you, loving you can be painful,
Because my mind can no longer comprehend the feelings, nor the emotions, that my heart is feeling

The days of years that we have been together,
Has nurtured a love,
That has burden me with deep emotions of the heart,
A burden because of the emotions my mind doesn't understand,
Emotions only my heart can feel,
Emotions that go unchecked, because there's no way for me to humanly check all the emotions my heart can feel, 
So I just digest as many of the emotions my body will endure

A person should not have this much feeling towards another,
Because it leaves ones heart so vulnerable,
A vulnerability that can lead to mental pain, and suffering heartache,
But over the years, I have learned to trust you with my heart 

Letting you in my life was easy,
But giving you the key to the door of my heart was not,
But now to lock the door back again, would be unthinkable, unbearable,
Because not only do you hold my heart in your hand, you are the whole of my heart

You're the color red of the blood that feeds it,
The rhythmic beats of its pulse,
The substance of its cardiac muscle fiber

You are not only my life admiration, 
You are the adoring love of my life...

1Manview © 10-31 – 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Speak your heart ... Prose poetry .. Musing ...

Whispered words in the dark, 
Can entice your mind thoughts, 
To the point their suppose meaning,
Softly mist into your soul,
Leaving feelings of love desire,
Deep inside your heart

But words that are spoken,
Can easily be broken...

They can be purposely misleading,
To make you think someone is thankful and forgiving,
That's why I rather speak with my heart,
Because my heart is always true,
Even when things in our life's are blue,
My heart will always speak the truth

I wish there was a doorway to my heart,
So I could walk you to its opening,
And open the door, 
For your eyes to see,
Just how much your presence in my life, 
Really mean to me

I wish I could show you the love I have for you,
The endearment that reap form my heart center core,
The fondness I have of your laughter,
The lust I have for your gentle touch,
The adornment of your gentleness,
The desire, for the fire that lingers quietly inside your soul,
A fire that only my eyes can see, 
My hands can touch, 
My heart can feel 

There are many thoughtful and loving words that could be said, 
Words that I would love to whisper into your ear,
But my voice can not pronounce them,
Because my mind lack their true meaning, 
So I speak with all of my heart,
A heart that beats in a quiet continuos rapturous love, 
Just for you

All you have to do is listen,
And your ears will hear,
Your mind will see,
Your heart will feel,
The meaning of my life,
That I share with you

1Manview © 10-20 – 2014