Thursday, April 30, 2009

Body Parts .... Prose Poem

This poem was written by my Guest Poet "SexyMimi"

When I gaze into your eyes, not to my surprise, I see the generousity of your soul
When I take your hand, electricity like music makes my hair dance strand by strand
When I stroke your cheek to wipe away your tear, you whisper "Thank You" 
ever so softly in my ear 

When I put my arm around your waist 
you pull me close to always keep me near 
When I kiss your show me just how much you really care
When.. do you remember when...
Show me you do, if you dare...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dangerous 1... Prose Poem

My eyes transfix on the sky of blue, the sun shines brightly, the clouds are transparent, the smell of winter turning to spring is trying to bloom into the fresh warm breeze

My mind know it's a premature spring day, but as I stand by the open door, my mind wishing it were true

As my body stands in the open doorway, basking my flesh with the warm of the sun soothing rays, my mind drifts while my spirits are uplifted

A pillow softness is felt touching my back side, her body warm ease through my clothes, the warmth of her right hand wraps around my waist, as the warmth of her left rest on my left inner thigh

The weight of her head rest softly on my left shoulder, she peeks around my body, sharing the calm on the warm new day with me

As the warmth of the sun rays warms my front side, her pillow softness warms my backside, her hands warms my body sides, their shear warmth pushes the blues of winter out of my soul and spreads the sensations of tranquility through out my body

While my body becomes tranquil, my mind drifts into the past, remembering the first time we held hands as we strolled through the park, laughing and talking about nothing, because nothing on this earth was as important as the first sharing of our hands closed together

We laughed and talked for what seem like only minutes, but the minutes, turned into hours

As day drifted into night, we shared a bench under the park lights; her body tight into mines, as the cool night breeze whispered around us

She held me tight for my body warmth, I held her tight just to feel her being; not realizing her being was slowly stealing all the love, stored in my heart

In silence we drove to her house, no one spoke, not wanting to spoil want had transpired between us, with empty words

While standing at her doorstep we shared our first kiss goodnight, never realizing, we would share more then a thousandth kisses goodnight in our lifetime, all sweeter then the one before it

A soft kiss on my shoulder awakens my mind from its daydream; her warmth has ease deeper into my soul, danger looms inside of me

A reach, a gentle pull, eases her backside into my front side; a soft, yet firm squeeze is bestowed upon her body ever so tight

She quietly gasps for air, as the danger of my loving affection, holds unto her heart, in its grasp forever

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Devotion ... A Clerihew Style Poetry

Standing beside you in the warmth of the day
Knowing that you are always going to stay
Watching you breath this winter's night air
Hoping that love is going to be fair

Because, before my heart was in despair
It was given to another who didn't care
Then came your love that was so big and true
Making my heart beat once again, like new

Like a gift from heaven you were bestowed
Making my heartbeat forever steady and slow
You have given me a love like I have never had before
Finally setting my restless soul free, so it can soar