Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surrender ......... Tanka Poem

Surrender to me

Every soft beat of your heart

Fill it with my love

Let it touch your lonesome soul

While making both of us whole

Tanka is a Japanese poetry type of five lines, the first and third composed of five syllables and the rest of seven. Tanka is the oldest type of poetry in Japan.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Loves Embrace .. Prose Poem

As my hand caress yours

A moment of time stands still

Memories of old,

Passes through my mind...

Memories of the first look of the face, I now wake up too,

That brightens my every day

The memory of two hands clasping together for the first time,

While softly trembling in excitement from their touch of first love

The memory of the first time,

My heart took in the beauty of your bright smile…

Them there’s the memory of my finger first caress,

Across the softness of your face...

Memories of our first date,

As we stood together talking about nothing,

Just so we could be together longer

The memory of our first lips embrace

The awkwardness of it,

But how sweet the after taste lingered on my lips,

My palate, and in my mind…

The memory of smelling your scent the very first time

And how it made me want you, in every way...

And yes, I remember the first time I said, “I love you”,

After I kissed your sweetness of your lips, saying goodbye

Who would of thought one caress of hands,

Would send years of memories of us together flashing through my mind…

But, as the memories quickly filters through my mind,

At this precise moment of time

There's one thing about all the memories that is indistinguishable

They all held together by the eternal love, I have for you...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amor ............... Prose Poem

Laying in the darkness

With my head between your bosun

Listening to the soft slow beats of your heart

Pondering on how I had found a love that was not only stronger then time

But stronger then life itself

A love that has overtaken the being of me

A love that has reach beyond the soul inside of me

A love that burns in my heart hotter then the sun

While wrapping around my flesh like a cool breeze on a hot summer night

A love that has turned into a everlasting love,

That will last for the eternity...


Friday, February 5, 2010

One Love ............ Prose Poem ......

When I first met you, I never Image me, in love with someone like you

Nor did I imagine someone like you, in love with someone like me

But slowly over time, your love worked its way into my heart, mind, and soul

Even when my mind was uncompromising, refusing to take your softer approach to life miseries, your love seep into my mind and transformed it, so I could see the entire light of day

Your love took my hand and held it in my time of desideratum

Your love took my will and conformed it

Your love breathe life into my wondering soul, so it could walk straight on the narrowest paths of life, while making my spirit whole, while never letting me be, the same lost man of old

Your love took my heart and molded it to fit inside yours, so they would beat as one

Now we walk in this life, as of one whole

Your love help me thru it all, by helping me to hold on to my faith, when I gave up hope

Your being has filled me with an incredible love, without taking out the man I was, while adding what I needed to become the better man I have become

When life's weight became unbearable for me to lead us, your love of me took the extra load off my shoulders and walked in front of me, until I was able to lead again

You are and shall always be, the constant motivation within my life, and I will never let go of your precious love, that I have become forever addictive too

I thank God for making you, I thank you for choosing me, to be the man you gave your precious love to

... With All My Love ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reflection ..... Prose Poem

Sunrays of different hue hover above the waterfall...

Vision of clear blue skies envision inside my mind,

As it rest at this place of tranquil peace

Lungs slowly inhale and exhale as my body sleeps

Warmth touches my flesh

Softness touches my soul

Eyes slowly open to a new day...

A quick deep breathe

Her presence is felt near

Eyes open

Vision sharpens

A smile crosses her face

As her fingertips rub gingerly on my shoulder flesh

Awakening me to a lovely new day

With her touch of love, and deep affection....