Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sun stroked ....... Prose poem

(This Picture and Poem was inspire by LIANE post)

While the warmth of the morning sun penetrates my flesh

The darkness of the night clouds my mind

The words ponder, wonder, hate, love, floats through the darkness that dwells within

Loneliness, unhappiness, drifts silently into the darkness

Memories of what was, and memories of what is, collide in the darkness like two comets roaming the vastness of the universe, momentarily bombarding my mind with light

Words like I will, I must comes to light, but it is soon consumed by the cloud of darkness

My mind ponders on if anyone feels my pain

Knows my wants

Knows my needs

Or even care about the persona of me

After my ears hear my lungs exhale a brief sigh, my mind reflects on why should they, after all, it’s my pain, a pain most of us endure at one time or another in our pathetic life

As the heat of the sun penetrates my outer flesh and warm my inner soul, my mind remembers the times I was loved, the time someone cared, the times my needs were fulfilled..

The sound of a door opening heeded my eyes

They focus on a small wonder of the word that was curiously standing there, eager to learn, eager to love

The dark clouds in my mind dissipates, as a brighter day embrace me…

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The moon surface beamed of glowing white, with a halo of yellow haze floating around it

The sky was the hue of darken blue, highlighted with distance stars twinkling in the background

The wind was calm, so calm it was as if it was completely still; the leaves in the trees rested while the world came to a hush, as two wondering spirits finally met

As they greeted, the spirit of their naked flesh touch, their hearts raced, their minds of complex thoughts turned to its six senses to appreciate what was about to transpire between their wondering souls

Two souls that had been lost in the vastness of the universe, two souls who voices was founded by the wind; the same two voices the wind echoed into the darkness of the night to all the lost souls in the universe, letting the lonely souls lurking in the darkness know there was somebody out there listening, hoping, wanting, waiting, to have their dreams of being loved fulfill.

Their echoes of love had been heard by millions, as their soft words of endearment whispered from afar into the darkness of the night wind

But tonight, they will meet for the first time; joined together as one, to share the love that has been locked up deep inside the weariness of their souls

Her touch was the first to be felt, it ease across the naked flesh of his chest, then eased upward across the softness of his cheek

His eyes close as his mind let the sensations rush inside him, the endearment of the warm sensations caused his eyes to weep in joy, as the feel of love touch his heart for the very first time

Her eyes mist, as they watched his tears of joy weep down his face, her fingertips gently swept them away, then tenderly pulled his face into a soft, moist kiss

Her legs forsaken her as his lips embraced hers with the heat of the burning sun, heat that was pure love rushing from his heart, running deliriously through her soul

Arms embrace each other as their bodies flesh melted into the body of one love

Like the calm summer night breeze, his voice whisper the words of love from the depths of his soul into her ears

She had heard the words before, but always from afar, but this time she would hear them coming directly from his lips as they left his heart, and not after they were carried by the night wind

They were words of love that she would only hear

After his words was spoken, their lips embrace again, and again the kiss was burning hot, but also bitter sweet, a sweetness sweeter then bees honey

After tasting the love of his sweet kisses, her lips smiled, her eyes cried, her heart ached in love passion, all while her lungs inhaled his essence

Again their arms intertwine, their souls became the love of one's

Like a flower in the morning light, their souls slowly opened and spilled their forever love into the warm, dark night air

Time and distance was now just a memory, because time and distance would never be between them again

The moon was a bright white, the sky was the hue of darken blue, highlighted with distance stars twinkling in the background

The wind was lightly breezing, spreading the truth of true love across the vastness of the universe

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Godsend ............ Prose Poem ..........

Lighter then a single snowflake, floating in a light breeze, your love floated slowly around me, while consuming the being of one
Like a single red rose, slowly opening as the sun peaks, our love bloomed as our friendship turned into forever intimate partners, whose love slowly bloomed into a showy masterpiece, like a cluster of bright red roses Your love has fallen deeper and wider then an ocean into my soul, captivating all of me, from the inside out, touching every fiber, every molecule, of one being… Hours, turned into days, days, turned into months, months, turned into years, but your love has always stayed, like the Cosmo Stars above Your loving touch, touches me like nothing else on this earth, this is why I say your love had to be sent from the heavens above, and tailor made by Gods own hands, just for the being of me...