Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sun stroked ....... Prose poem

(This Picture and Poem was inspire by LIANE post)

While the warmth of the morning sun penetrates my flesh

The darkness of the night clouds my mind

The words ponder, wonder, hate, love, floats through the darkness that dwells within

Loneliness, unhappiness, drifts silently into the darkness

Memories of what was, and memories of what is, collide in the darkness like two comets roaming the vastness of the universe, momentarily bombarding my mind with light

Words like I will, I must comes to light, but it is soon consumed by the cloud of darkness

My mind ponders on if anyone feels my pain

Knows my wants

Knows my needs

Or even care about the persona of me

After my ears hear my lungs exhale a brief sigh, my mind reflects on why should they, after all, it’s my pain, a pain most of us endure at one time or another in our pathetic life

As the heat of the sun penetrates my outer flesh and warm my inner soul, my mind remembers the times I was loved, the time someone cared, the times my needs were fulfilled..

The sound of a door opening heeded my eyes

They focus on a small wonder of the word that was curiously standing there, eager to learn, eager to love

The dark clouds in my mind dissipates, as a brighter day embrace me…


  1. Great poem, eerie pictures too!

  2. .

    Not that the stars can collide and dust to
    my soul evaporates, I'll stop thinking about
    who opened the doors of the universe and let
    the light that shone all my dreams.


    "Nem que os astros se choquem e na poeira a
    minha alma evapore, eu deixarei de pensar em
    quem abriu as portas do universo e deixou
    que na luz brilhassem todos os meus sonhos.



  3. that was beautiful, as everything seems to be of what i read from you thus far. Parts of it hit it right on... my thoughts, for now, are often taken into the darkness as i try to find a good solution, a way to deal. My issue has nothing to do with romance or something a like... and i will write about it soon, just not yet... reading your words made me think and smile at the same time.. thank you for that ;-)

  4. darkness many times prevails over your thoughts and the words like alone,sad become a part of poem started with the darkest of corners and was finally penetrated by the rays of the sun!!well written poem and good use of your own words yup the happiness and brighter emotions prevails over the dark side!!keep writing!!

  5. Touching. It's amazing what love can do...heal, provide focus, motivation, and happiness.