Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool .............. Theme Poem

The soft beats of my heart,
Beats slowly in the palm of your hand,
As I give it to you willingly,
To do with as you please....
All my love has been bestowed upon you,
Not one ounce has been left in my soul...
What ever you need,
I have given it to you
What ever you wanted
I have gotten it for you...
Be it a gentle kiss, to assure you of my love,
Or a soft caress, to show my affections...
When things in your life goes wrong,
I'm the one you turned too
To hold you tight,
Until your life turned back into right...
When you ask for my love to be more visible,
I showered you with written poems of endearment, to sooth your mind
My voice whispered sweet loving words into your ear,
It shouted out to the world
Of my devotion to you...
And when you needed it in terms of physicality,
I gave you what your body longed for,
Desired for,
All Its needs...
I'm in love with all of you...
Your smartness,
Your touch,
Your voice
The way your hair lays on your shoulder,
The way you smiled at me
No man could ever love you more completely then I...
Then their was last night when I opened my front door
You stood there begging me to make passionate love to you...
You screamed as my swollen girth opened you up,
Your voice groaned and graveled as my manhood stroked deep inside you,
You shouted out to the world you love the way I make mad love to you, and how I was your loving man,
That always gave you his all...
But last night I made love to you like no other night,
I made love to you like a ferocious lion beast,
Just to wake up to silence in the room,
And silence in my heart,
As my eyes read the staggering note,
Written by the firmness of your fingertips,
That showed contempt of me in your mind...
You say don't be angry with you, you couldn't help it
You will always love me, but it takes more then one man to satisfy all your needs,
All your wants
You must move on so you can have it all…
My heart beats still
As tears roll out my eyes
But, I'm not going to be angry,
Nor will I let this make me sad
Because I know I loved you more then three men could ever love you,
So why should I be the one who's distraught...
My love was strong,
My love was pure,
And it always came from the bottom of my heart...
As my hands tear up your note,
My tears dry up watching the rising sun
My heart starts a tranquil slow soft beat,
My mind ponders of anew...
If there's on thing in this world I do know
It's you who's going to be angry,
It's you who's going to be sad,
It's you who's going to wake up to tearing eyes...
Because one day when you wake up to the rising sun
You are going to realize,
You are, the April Fool...
And the love you once had
Wasn't just a fad...
And just like the last sunset,
There will never be another just like it...
Just like the love,
I had once shared with you....

This Week Poem Theme is April Fool...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Once More...... Repetition Poem

Never was a word I use to use loosely

But now it's a word that has much meaning in my life...

Never did I mean to hurt you

But I did

Never did I ever want to see pain from me put in your eyes

But I did

Never did I want to break your heart

But I did

Never did I want to do something that would make us part

But I did


You can't change the past

You can only live for the future

And I live the future hoping that one day you forgive me enough so I can be the man you once looked up too

The man who use to hold you tight at night,

While brushing away your nightmares

The man you trusted to do right by you

The man you use to trust to hold the soft beats of your heart in his hand

The man who was suppose to love you for all he's worth

Never, will I disappointed you again

If you let me back into your heart,

Just one more time...

Repetition Poem:

Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

This poem was written for a weekly TP Theme (One more time)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Devotion......... Prose Poem

Thump_ thump...

Thump_ thump...

Thump_ thump...

Sounds of




Of our hearts

Reverberating inside our chest,



Then fall

Without notice

As lungs inhale

Then softly exhale in a quiet whisper...

Soft curvy legs

Lie on top of firm straight legs,

Fingertips softly ease over my chest and stomach

As my right arm holds her close and secure to my bosom...

Left hand playfully teases her nose and ears

With touches so docile they tickle...

Minds are in a distance tranquil place of solitude,

As silence entertains our ears...

Eyes rest

As the dim lit room acts as our vessel of escape from the world around us

Love circles the room

Holding man made gadgets of sound and visual pleasure at bay

While love plays a song of inner harmony on our soul,

As we embrace and soak in each others essence...