Friday, October 28, 2011

My Heart ...... Repetitive Poem ....

I know I don't say it enough,

And sometimes when I do say it, it sounds as if it's off the cuff,

But my heart is full of love, for only you

I'll always be here for you,

No man could ever totally love you as I do,

With a heart full of love, for only you

I'll be here to give you what your are needing,

I'll be here when your heart is full of grieving,

With a heart full of love, for only you

I'll be here to give you comfort,

When life stress has your mind full of discomfort,

With a heart full of love, for only you

I'll be here when life points you in the wrong direction,

And your mind is full of deception,

With a heart full of love affections, for only you

I'll be here when emotions make you feel alone,

And your hope is totally gone,

With a heat full of love, only for only you

I promise to give you an everlasting love,

That you will be forever proud to be a part of,

From my heart full of love, for only you...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whisper From The Dark ... Prose Poem

A whispering sound of "I love you" came from out of the dark from her bed side

An "I love you" is whispered back into the dark shadows

As I walk away with a smile on my face,

I realize we had just exchanged three simple words,

But those three simple words,

Made my heart fill up with the warmth of the sun...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Conjugal Musing ... Prose Poem

Light, sweet feminine fragrant awaits me at the bedroom door, enticing the will of my mind,

As my footstep quietly enters the room, my eyes gazed upon a naked reflection of her, glistening in the moonlight

Fingertips, silently reach out into the quiet of the darkness,

First touch startles her, but as my flesh gingerly ease against hers, the softness of her naked flesh melts like butter into mines

Arms surrounds then embrace the beauty of her

inner strength is willingly giving to me, as she accepts me as her protecting shield

Nose, nozzle into the nape of her neck, the sweet essence of her slowly seeps into my nostrils, acting like a strong love aphrodisiacs, instantly making my mind drunk with her, while love oozing from the softness of her skin, floats into mine

Quiet words of “I love you” flows past her lips into my ear, as we embrace in the cover of the darken room

As I sit down on the stool standing in the dark next to her, a gentle tug pulls her body tight into mines

As her softness rest on my firmness,

A whispered moan floats into the still of the dark,

Hearts race, as love filled every empty space, inside our souls...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Embraced.... Repetitive Poem .....

You are, the air I breathe,

The water that quench my thirst,

The substance that fills my hunger,

The eyes, that empower me to see,

The ears, that enables me to hear.

Life without you, would have no meaning,

Life without your touch, would have no feelings,

Life without your kisses, would taste sour,

Life without your essence, would lead my being to wonder lost,

Life without your being, would make mine to perish,

Life without your love, would slowly suffocate, the air out my soul.

That's why I cherish,

Every rise of the sun

Every moonlit night

Every hour

Every minute

Every second of life,

We spend as one...