Friday, October 28, 2011

My Heart ...... Repetitive Poem ....

I know I don't say it enough,

And sometimes when I do say it, it sounds as if it's off the cuff,

But my heart is full of love, for only you

I'll always be here for you,

No man could ever totally love you as I do,

With a heart full of love, for only you

I'll be here to give you what your are needing,

I'll be here when your heart is full of grieving,

With a heart full of love, for only you

I'll be here to give you comfort,

When life stress has your mind full of discomfort,

With a heart full of love, for only you

I'll be here when life points you in the wrong direction,

And your mind is full of deception,

With a heart full of love affections, for only you

I'll be here when emotions make you feel alone,

And your hope is totally gone,

With a heat full of love, only for only you

I promise to give you an everlasting love,

That you will be forever proud to be a part of,

From my heart full of love, for only you...


  1. This poem is simply beautiful. Loving some is such a wonderful feeling knowing that you have that love for someone is the best. I hope to have that type of love one day. As always you bring the best with your creatively loving the effect with the picture with the heart and hands.

  2. Poetic_Butterfly, a humble Thank You. And I hope "LOVE", finds "YOU", one day soon...

  3. Que belleza...
    Eres amor sin lugar a duda.
    Que lindo sería escuchar siempre estas palabras de la boca de quien amas.
    Besitos y mis felicitaciones!

  4. beautiful sentiments and beautifully written. i love the thought of a "heart full of love".

  5. Respirando entre palabras Gracias

  6. TemptingSweets99, thank you much...

  7. I want to be enveloped in a heart full of love, for only for me.


  8. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! ...
    Words like these, enter through the eyes and reach into the soul!

    Love and passion are in the right dose!

    Kisses in your heart, my friend!
    Beautiful week for you!

  9. HEDONE, One day you will, Thank you...

  10. Nany C. Thank you much...
    Have a great week

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  12. Ulisses Reis ®, Saudações, estou feliz em vê-lo aqui.
    E eu vou continuar a seguir você ....