Monday, November 7, 2011

Vastness (1) .... Picture Poem... Prose ....

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Vast is the universe,

A mystery of the decades,

Unknown to man what makes it up,

What makes it move?

Why is it so sobering dark?

But yet so jubilantly bright

And then there's this place we call earth,

Also vast,

Also dark,

Also bright with life

Big and round,

But at times, it seems so small,

With no space to hide,

No space to ponder,

And yet, still has many mysteries man has not figured out over the decades

But then there's you,

Small in stature,

But all so big inside

Big in giving out love,

Big in giving out hugs,

Big in giving out sweet kisses,

Big in giving out best of wishes,

A big heart,

That's full of love

A love that's big in giving me everything this 1man need,

A love that's big in giving me everything this 1man wants,

A love that makes my world go round,

A love that makes the vastness of the universe feel small,

A love that surrounds me, with the warmth of a wool blanket,

A love that pave the way for me through the dark,

A love that no man can explain, just marvel at, just like we marvel at the existence of the universe

I can't explain it,

Any more then anyone can explain why,

God has chosen to hide,

An abundance of love deep inside you

I do accept it,

Just like I accept all of you,

From your perfectness, to your imperfections,

Because they all add up too,

One big universe of a special kind of love...


  1. "Vasto é o universo" que nos proporciona visões magnificas. O desafio é saber aproveitá-las ao máximo :)

  2. so simple bautiful!

    kisses in your heart, my friend!

    Nany Carvalho


  3. wonderful take on this photo.

  4. Sem Reino, Tudo tão verdadeiro ... Obrigado pelo comentário

  5. Nancy C. Muito obrigado ...


  6. TS99, Thank You for posting this picture, and Thank You for the comment...

  7. urban butterly, an humble Thank You ...

  8. Nancy C. nice to see you read the other side of me...
    Thank you as always...