Monday, October 17, 2011

Conjugal Musing ... Prose Poem

Light, sweet feminine fragrant awaits me at the bedroom door, enticing the will of my mind,

As my footstep quietly enters the room, my eyes gazed upon a naked reflection of her, glistening in the moonlight

Fingertips, silently reach out into the quiet of the darkness,

First touch startles her, but as my flesh gingerly ease against hers, the softness of her naked flesh melts like butter into mines

Arms surrounds then embrace the beauty of her

inner strength is willingly giving to me, as she accepts me as her protecting shield

Nose, nozzle into the nape of her neck, the sweet essence of her slowly seeps into my nostrils, acting like a strong love aphrodisiacs, instantly making my mind drunk with her, while love oozing from the softness of her skin, floats into mine

Quiet words of “I love you” flows past her lips into my ear, as we embrace in the cover of the darken room

As I sit down on the stool standing in the dark next to her, a gentle tug pulls her body tight into mines

As her softness rest on my firmness,

A whispered moan floats into the still of the dark,

Hearts race, as love filled every empty space, inside our souls...


  1. grrr!!!

    i love the image.
    i love your words.

    yep. :)

  2. Lisa, Thank You... I respectively appreciate your visits and comments...

  3. I agree with Lisa above. I love the image but especially your words. Lovely.

  4. Siempre y digo, siempre, es un placer leerte! Un abrazo!!

  5. TS, as always, a wonderful thank you...

  6. Silvia, te extraño, gracias por visitarme
    y me dejó un comentario maravilloso


  7. that's the perfect combination of love and passion

  8. justtoday, Thanz, it took years, but we finally got it right...