Monday, July 6, 2009

Cried Out ... Prose Poem

It's a dark gloomy day; the air is heavy with the feel of dew
Your face had became nothing but a memory, but for a split second, it was a blur
After all this time, I thought I was over you
But now I see you again, face to face
I smiled; you smiled, as we walked our separate ways
As I walked away, I felt rain drops running down my face, as my hands extended in the air to feel the softness of it, I realize it wasn't raining from the sky, but raining from the memory of you breaking my heart was flooding my eyes
All the bad memories of a one-sided love affair had trickle back into my memory
The pain was back in my bones, the heaviness was back in my heart, the memory of deception filled my head with angered-grief
Then the remembrance of the pleasure your touch brought me was felt, the feel of the pillow softness of you flesh texture
The way you kissed me like you missed me every second we were apart tingle on my lips
The captured memory of your flesh intertwine with mine, as we sipped on expensive red wine in front of the fireplace
How my body cringed from your fingertips raking through my hair, raining goose bumps down my spine
Then there was the slow dance, bodies grinding in the candlelight, thighs rubbing on each other as tongues seek a warmer place to hide as my hand pushed your dampen panties down
My fingertips sliding down your flat stomach, then you called out his name as they touched your sacred place
The horrid look of deceit was on your face, the lies to cover up lies poured out the other side of your face
The begging, the fake "I'm sorry," the “it was only sex”, the misuse of the words, "I love only you," and the feel of my soul dying a slow death deep inside me
A crack of lightening crosses the sky; the rain comes down in a deluge, covering the tears that flooded from my eyes...


  1. Gray, sometimes the past can be ...

  2. Sometimes there is a certain slice of beauty in love's pain. It is here, in your words, where the beauty becomes evident...

  3. S. ... I really appreciate your comment ...