Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Delight

Under the Xmas tree so delicate and small

You could barely see her between the big presents as she gingerly crawled

Not knowing this was a special day, not only for her but for us all

Daddy's first born was mesmerized, by all the colorful packages, so pretty and tall

One by one she pushed them, and watched them tumble and fall

Laughing out loud, this little girl was just having a ball

Her daddy watching and laughing, taking pictures while he hid in the hall

Taking precious pictures of his first born first Xmas, for us all to be able to recall

Mommy hands daddy's little girl her first present and tried to show her how to get it unwrapped

At first, she just smiles and watches, because she thought this has to be a trap

Because, all the times before, when she tore open a box she heard the words," stop it, you little rat"

With an I'm innocent look; she looks at me like, "hey daddy", you and mommy need to have a little chat

Once coached on how to tear open the bright pretty box

This little rascal opened them all, like an old skillful, gray fox

She never stopped, until she came to my new pair of navy blue socks

She test tasted them, but by the look on her face, they must have tasted, like a dirty rock

After she had them all opened, she didn't know quite what to do

So she started playing, with her mothers worn out pair of blue house shoes

I handed her a new doll, shaped like a baby kitty cat

But her favorite first Xmas toy, was her mothers old, worn out brown hat.

My next best Xmas, was after my second child was born

I recall it well, that's when my wife must have lost her mind, by buying our first born, her first musical horn

Now, who would even thought, a six-month-old child, would know how, not to share

The more we tried to make her, the more she showed us, she didn't really care

This holiday is the celebration of Jesus first born day

But please, don't forget about all your glorious past holidays

They all are special, in their own unique way

And that is all; this 1man has to say...

Happy Holidays ... Peace Be Still ... 1manview ...



  2. Precioso querido Manview!!!
    Felices fiestas y que el 2010 te regale su mejor sonrisa.
    Mil besitos!!!

  3. You captured the spirit of Christmas beautifully 1man.