Saturday, January 18, 2014

Effussive ... Prose poem ........

Cold wind brisk against my face,
turning my eyebrows and beard into a frozen layer of iciness

Swirling white snow blinds the vision of my eyes, 
making it easy to lose ones surroundings

Heavy bitter cold air, 
make it hard for my lungs to freely breathe, as it's frost biting ways,
nip at the tip of my toes and fingertips

But while all of this is happening, I think of you, and the summer breeze you bring

The warmth of your smile that warms the air that touches my face, 
with the heat of the morning sun

The warmth of your heart, that paths my way,
with it's steady beats

The warmth inside your mind, 
that keeps my focus from astray

The warmth of your flesh, 
to wrap myself into, anytime I'm feeling cold

The warmth of your love, 
that makes me humble and whole

Oh how I love the winter, let me count the ways ....

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  1. I am not a fan of winter or the cold, except that it is the perfect excuse to wrap myself in Daddy and steal away from the world. always ;)


    1. Yes, that's about the best part of winter for me too... I do like the first snow fall, after that .. :)