Thursday, January 13, 2011

If Only One Night ... Prose Poem

In the distance my eyes becomes full of you,

As his arms held you tight,

But my heart says you are the one,

If I could just hold you for only, one night

One night for my arms to hold you tight

Not to show you are mines,

But for a true love to shine...

Shine in our eyes,

Shine in our hearts

Shine in our souls

As I hold you tight, even if only for one night

For only one night, I want to have sex with your body,

While making such sweet love to your heart,

It indents deep into your soul,

Burn the name of I, deep into your mind,

Even if only, for one night

As the sun rise up in tomorrow sky,

And its warming beams flow through the window,

My eyes watch the silhouette of your body standing in front of that window,

Because it took only one night,

For me to make you fall completely in love with me,

Because you let me hold you tight, under the beaming moonlight,

For only, one night...


  1. A veces una sola noche, basta...
    Un abrazo!!

  2. "fall in love" Delightful and oh, so possible in one night with the right lover. xo- E.

  3. Captivating poem filled with passion. Quite stunning and steamy!

  4. Drenchxoxo, thanks nuch for stopping in...