Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just...... Repetitive Poem....

This poem was written years ago...

Darken room
Shades drawn
A mere crack in the window
To refresh the stale air that's filtering into my lungs
A quiet eerie has grasp the sounds that surrounds me
My eyes fixate on the bedroom wall ahead of me
But they only see the hue of darkness
My mind ponders
My hand rest intently at my sides
As my body slumps in the oversize chair...
We fought...
We screamed...
We said things we didn't mean
Now I sit in the dark pondering if I will ever see you one more night
Will I ever see that loving smile on your face that lights up the darken room again
Will I see your eyes twinkle in the candlelight’s like the stars in God's heaven?
Will I ever again feel the soothing sounds of your voice?
As it soothes the salvage beast inside of me
Feel the softness of your fingertips gently brush through my hair
Feel the softness of your lips brush gently on my cheeks
Or hear your voice whisper in my ear, do you love me?
How much?
Has never been a word I was afraid of before
But tonight my mind ponders on what if I never see you again...
Never touch the softness of your flesh next to mine
Never feel the warmth of your breath ease past my ear
Never feel your fingertips trace across the nape of my neck
Never hear you voice in laughter
Never see your tears of joy
Never share the intimacy that only true lovers can share
As the pain in my heart grips my soul
Tears rain from my eyes while I pray for one more night
Just one more night to tell you I'm sorry
Just one more night to tell you I cannot live without you
Just one more night to say, I love you…


  1. One more night ...
    Best ever tell her you love her.
    Your sweet words caressed my soul.

  2. beautifully sad... i could feel his panic, sadness, desperation, regret, repentance...

  3. No creo en la palabra NUNCA, ni en nada de lo que conlleva. Prefiero siempre un QUIZÁ...
    Lindos versos.
    un abrazo!!!

  4. just wanted to say hello..that was beautiful.

  5. Respirando entre palabras, thank you for the comment, please visit agin..

  6. TemptingSweets99 , thank you, I had lost your blog, but I found it again, see you soon...

  7. Bella, sorry for the late thank you, but please feel free to visit again...