Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday ..... If it wasn't for your love.... Song

Would I be standing here 
After all these years 
Among the stars above 
Maybe not, if it wasn't for your love 
Smiling faces all around 
Like when a king that has just been crowned 
A battle has been won 
That I'd have lost 
If it wasn't for you love 
A fairy tale unfolds 
More true than stories I've been told 
At last my chance to shine 
And all in perfect time 
The life I once dreamed of 
Who'd have thought 
If it wasn't for your love 
And oh the wonderful surprise 
To have a light so bright it blinds my eyes 
And finally I see, how it feels to live a dream 
But would I have touched the sky 
Ever flown so high 
No not i, if it wasn't for your love...

I didn't write these words, but the words were stolen from my heart...
Happy Birthday ML...