Thursday, January 3, 2013

Him ...... Repetitive Poem ........... Thought Series ......

Today, my hand found my pen inside its grasp once again,
It was attempting to write a poem just for you,
A poem that will explain exactly how I feel about you,
A poem of endearment,
A poem of sentiment,
A poem that resemble my deep affections towards you

When I awoke this morning, writing this poem was not on my mind,
But a thought of you, lifted up my pen and gave me the desire to write,
But as I lifted this pen, I realize I had nothing new to say to you,
I have written my feeling about you many paper folds before,
I have written how your love make me stand on top of the mountain,
How your love beats within the beats of my heart,
How your love has help me endure the endurable faiths of life,
How your love keeps my faith in the heavens above

But, I wrote this simple poem anyway,
Because I never can say, "I love you" enough...

Sign, Him Again, 

1Manview © 1999 – 2013


  1. Something she'd like to read again and again and again.

    1. Yes, i have noticed that ... :) Thank you fro the read Sweets ...

  2. she's a lucky woman! happy new year to you, may you continue to drown in love!

    1. Thanks and what a happy surprise to see you. Thank you for the visit and I'm on my way over to see you...

  3. Beautiful poem that has an immense love.


    1. Thank you so much for the read and comment ...

      regards... :)

  4. oh 1manview. you always make this little girl sigh in love. :)

    to make your player automatic, when you copy and paste the embed code, you will see within the code something like this:


    manually change 'false' to true. then the player will automatically play. okay? i hope that made sense.

    1. Thank you and thanks for the tip, Didn't make sense but I did it anyway. It worked.. Thank you ... :)

  5. How sweet it is to love and be loved like that...

    1. And never taken for granted. It's a constant building progress... ;) Tank you Ms. B for your words...