Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fallen .......... Repetitive poem ....

There's a confession inside me, you should know about,
One that has lingered, while hidden deep inside me,
I have fallen for you...

I fell for you the first time my eyes gazed upon your beauty,
I fell the first time, your lips softly embraced mine,
I fell the first time, my eyes engaged with yours, and I proclaim my profound love for you,
I fell the firs time, you folded yourself into my arms, and fell deep asleep in their comfort,
I fell once again, on the day I said "I do" in front of the all mighty,
And I have been falling for you every minute, every second, of the day since then

Everyday my love for you grows,
My need to touch you, hold you, grows without boundaries,
My wants for you never stops,
I know I could never express in words how much I really love you,
But I do know my love for you flows uninterrupted inside my heart, morning, noon and night,
That's why I know, I have fallen complete for you,
And it hurts so good, I never want to get up....

Repetitive Poem: 
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

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  1. Siempre será un placer pasar por aqui........

  2. Saludos bella,
    Siempre es un placer tenerte aquí .. Gracias ..

  3. sometimes....

    i wish i was on the other end of these.

    just beautiful. really.

  4. Hopefully, you deserve it... Thanks again for the read and comment...

  5. I'm lovin' these romantic poems. Also love the poem style.

  6. Thank you Sweets, my comments are not complete without one from you, I appreciate it..

    Love and peace