Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rain Down On Me (2)... Song Poem ...

A Song Poem: Must use one word , sentence or phrase from the chosen song. It also has to be written in the rhythm or spirit of the song...

In the cover of darkness, my eyes peer through the open window,

Sounds of animalistic love making is heard, as my eyes watch meshed bodies quickly rise and fall...

The name she calls out is not mine,

The flesh her nails sheer open is not mine,

The blood of passion seeping down his back… Is not mine

But, the red blood that boils inside of "lover jolted" is...

My heart races as the mixture of rage and sadness consumes it,

My flesh sweat as my body shiver from the coldness of her black heart,

Eyes close as sounds of their love making rages on...

My eyes tear, but I refuse to cry,

As my mind wonders ... Why?

Last night it was I,

Deeply thrusting inside her walls, while under the sheets,

It was my name her lungs cried out,

As my manhood sank into her flooded depths,

It was my swell that rained heavily down into her darken depths,

My loving touch that make her back arch,

My docile kisses that she proclaim were so sweet,

My love, she said could not ever do without,

Now my ears hear that same passionate song,

As she sexual dance with another, as if she's doing my heart no wrong...

Climaxing scream rings into my ears, tearing eyes look straight into hers...

Shivering body hesitates

Then levitate,

The moan he thinks is a moan of passion, is a moaning groan of "Oh God, please forgive me"...

As she races to the window towards me, my head lowers, the rain pours

Immensely from my eyes down to the bottom of my shoes soles...

As I step away from the window cradling a heavy heart, the laughter of a couple approaching from down the street is heard...

My legs wobble,

My head bends downward,

My pride swallowed,

While my eyes fight back more then a tear,

As the happy couple nears...

Misery makes my heart shutter,

As my mind recalls her saying," I'll never need another"...

Hand covers manly shame,

As if I'm the one to blame,

While my ears hear the continuous echo of her voice screaming out for forgiveness...

My legs followed the echoes of my name into the vastness of the dark,

I don’t look back, as I deny my heart its biggest weakness…

As my legs put distance between my heart suffocating pain,

My mind kept wishing the sky would open up,

And just rain down on me...


  1. beautifully written.... i can feel your anguish and pain ~

  2. Simply heartfelt and beautiful babe.

  3. This is so sad... But you wrote it in such a beautiful way, as always.

  4. @ Heaven, Thank you
    @Meagan, nice to see you , and thanks...
    @R .. Thank you much R.. I appreciate it...