Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love..... BY Gigi "My Poetic Guest"....

Cool breeze caressing me
Softly ten der ly like a lover's touch
there are days I miss you sooooo much
that the ache in my womb
consumes my wet slick... n turns my thoughts to
your tricks that ignited my flame
no longer able to contain my yearning for you I
scream out your name as I feel my essence
release out of the source of my lover's joy
and pain contract release moan and weep
the fullness of your presence consumes as my breathing
slowly resumes it's natural rhythm I remember it isn't
him... my mind rewinds over time to realize mistrust
outside lust and greed came between u n me... REALITY!!!
Easy to blame when u don't want to change or grow
outside of what's comfortable and what you know.... lessons
unlearned stones unturned leads to hearts filled with rocky paths of faceless ass es
what a price to pay
so much is thrown away... jockeying for position and wanting
control happily taking 100% from another when you're less then whole... bound in releases while experiencing no relief
Not willing to acknowledge the thief
who's bound your soul and controls the controller
Ignites your fear of falling... free yet he has you crawling see
If you're not giving your taking
If you're not sharing you're stealing
If you're hands are closed you're not receiving your gift
the one who's stuck with... you through thick
and thin again and again and again...
Cool breeze flowing and it's hard somtimes knowing
that... to purposely cause pain is costly but to love without
condition is free... there is never a need to be afraid of ME



  1. Wonderfully written, as usual. One of my fave lines: "to purposely cause pain is costly but to love without
    condition is free... there is never a need to be afraid of ME"

  2. enjoyed your guest's read.

    i love it when words string together perfectly!

  3. Temptingsweets, Thank you, but this was written by a guest of mine name Gigi. I'm happy you liked it as much as I...

  4. @lisa. I appreciate the read and comment, I'm sure my poetic guest will appreciate it even more then I...

  5. Oops! Sorry, I just realized that. I think it's terrific that you have such talented guests. Thanks Gigi for this wonderful piece.

  6. @TS, hehe, it's ok, I guess I should stop writing in the woman voice so much... I was just pleased you liked it, it was her first post...

  7. Brava to Gigi for the first post!

    1manview, please continue writing in both voice, as much as you want. That's what makes your work so much fulfilling to read.

  8. I think it's time for me to call it a night. LOL! I meant to write above -- "voices". Please continue to write in both "voices". And I want to add that your work if fun and fulfilling to read because of its versatility. Okay, I'll stop here before I make some more mistakes. ;-)