Friday, February 3, 2012

Open Arms ....... Repetitive Poem ....

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Here I stand

Naked, with open arms,

Open arms for all to see,

To see I have nothing to hide,

To see all the love I have to give

Here I stand

Naked, with open arms,

Surrendering all my love,

My will,

The essence of my being,

All, to you

Here I stand

Naked, with open arms,

Surrendering it all to you,

To do with as you please,

For you,

To have,

To embrace,

I stand here in plain sight

Naked with nothing to hide,

Waiting for your loving touch,

To tenderly caress the naked flesh that wraps around me,

Your soft kisses,

To caress my senses,

Your whispers of love,

To caress my mind,

Your love,

To caress my soul,

The being of you,

To consume the being of me

Here I stand

Naked, with open arms,

Waiting for you to take me to complete,

Completing the man I wish to be,

While making this one man whole,

With your voluminous love

Here I stand,

Naked, with open arms,

With all the love I have to give inside them,

All you have to do is step into my arms embrace,

And let my love envelop you,

Bringing closure, to us...

Believe in me when I say,

I love you!

Happy Valentine Day ML .....

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  1. Would love to be wrapped up like that.

  2. Very nice!


  3. awww...

    my mostest favorite song.

    just beautiful.

  4. Especially wonderful Valentine's Day thought. I'm with Drenchxoxo. I'd love to be wrapped up like this, too. ;-)

  5. Thanks for the heads-up, 1manview, about being on Morning Erection. Yes, I did see it and was excited to be in the company of yours and Heaven. :-D

    ~ Sweets

  6. BTW, I'm finally working on that photo that you highlighted to me. It's been a while. I don't know if you remember it.

  7. @ sweets, as she descends down the meat of his manhood.. :)

  8. Drenchxoxo, Thank you for the love...

  9. Kitty... Thank you lovely lady...

  10. lisa, thank you, appreciate the comments as always..