Thursday, March 28, 2013

Endlessness ....... Nonet & Reverse Nonet poem

  • I have wasted countless days and nights
  • looking for path to endless love
  • Searching for its true meaning
  • Its ora of substance
  • It's feel on my flesh
  • Taste in my mouth
  • To realize
  • It was
  • You

  • You
  • Became
  • Part of me
  • Like minutes are
  • To hours of time
  • One movement together
  • Bounding two minds and two souls
  • To an endless togetherness
  • Of peace, hope, and love eternally

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A nonet is a nine line poem. 
The first line containing nine syllables, the next line has eight syllables, the next line has seven syllables. 
That continues until the last line (the ninth line) which has one syllable. Nonets can be written about any subject. Rhyming is optional.