Thursday, April 25, 2013

Always full ........ Prose poem

Like a eagle watch over her young,
I watch over you with an sharp eye,

Like a mother hen,
Surrounding and protecting her siblings, from the sly
old fox, I surround you with the protection of my love

I watch, listen and pray for you,
I watch your body language when its up,
I carefully watch it, when you are down,
I listen to your cries of pain,
I listen to your moments of laughter,
I listen to your words of sorrow, 
I listen to the moanful words you use to call out to God to ease your suffering,
Helpless, I feel at those times, because I can't take nor ease your plague 

I know, there are times when you think I'm angry with you,
But I'm not, I get angry at myself because I can't do anymore nor enough for you,
Because it doesn't matter how strong I act, or hard I try,
My mind and body is only human,
And in life's crutch as a human, I can only do so much

There are times when I hear you cry in the silence,
But what you don't know is that I hear you, and cry silently inside with you

I don't know why God has let us suffer so long, but I know he hasn't abandon us, Because when we are in dire need, he has always delivered in his own ways

You must not give up hope, because he's just a prayer away, 
And I am only a step away, with all the love I have inside my heart...

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  1. Aww! I love this! Wonderfully written. Every word.

    1. Thank you Sweets, you are always bringing a smile to my face...